Basistha (vashishtha) yantra for wisdom

The Vasistha mandir is regionally known as as Basistha / Basistho. It's positioned on a hill by title Sandhyachal...
 Basistha (vashishtha) yantra for wisdom


Basistha(vashishta) Yantra

This Basistha (vashishta) Yantra charged by Shiva Mantra.

Beneficial for Basistha (vasihishta) Yantra - Protect Child, Good education, Good Health, wealth.

About Basistha (vasihishta).

The Vasistha mandir is regionally known as as Basistha / Basistho. It's positioned on a hill by title Sandhyachal with lot of Pure attractiveness. Mandir is small and really good looking. Throughout the mandir we'll see small wells that are extremely deep. This place is Shiva-shakti-peeth. The Shaktipeeth current right here known as as as Tara peetham. Lord shiva is Golakeshwar. One other Lord shiva linga of Mangaleshwar can also be current here. We won't see the Lord shiva lingas. They're current throughout the wells. Brahmarshi Vasistha is believed to be current right here within the hidden form. Vasistha went to Kama rupa to pooja Mata Kamakhya. However, the king Naraka didn’t permit him. He turned indignant, and cursed Naraka that his dynasty will fell down in close to future. He constructed a hermitage at Sandhyachal and lead his life meditating on Lord shiva. The title Sandhyachal got here from the Mata Sandhya who did Tapasya there. Sandhya is the daughter of Lord (bhagawan) Brahma(Manasa putri) . She was a lot lovely and born in younger age. Lord (bhagawan) Brahma and his sons(Saptharshis) combinely fell in love with her. She too liked Vasishtha, one of many Saptharshis. Lord Shiva noticed it and stopped them. Sandhya felt shy. She wished to purify herself. She did a giant Tapasya for Lord Shiva. She requested Shiva a boon, that no person ought to born in younger age and shouldn’t get the sentiments of affection by birth. From then onwards, the humans received childhood of their life.

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