Ghantakaran Yantra

This Ghantakaran  Yantra is charged by Shree Ganesha mantra. Ghantakaran Yantra is a used to attaining..

Ghantakaran Yantra


Ghantakaran Yantra

This Ghantakaran Mantra charged by Ganesha Yantra.

Beneficial for Ghantakaran Yantra - Positive thinking, Energy, Good relationship, fame.

About Ghantakaran.

Lord (bhagawan) Ghantakarna Mahavir is a guardian Jain deity. He was a Kshatriya king named Mahabal or Tungabhadra from Shri Nagar. He was king and a warrior of the Himalayan dynasty of his time. He secluded spiritual folks, caste and righteous girls, and single women from robbers. He additionally used to guard pilgrimswho visited Shri Parvat close to his kingdom from bandits. He used his major weapons, bow and arrows to guard innocents and aside he had a serious stick. He favored tunes of bell (ghanta) and in addition he had bell-formed ears (karna) so he was referred to as ghanta-karna mahavir (nice warrior). He was extremely discovered of sukhadi (combination of jiggery, wheat and ghee). He died preventing with thieves whereas economy a gaggle of harmless peoples who had been being focused for menace and theft. He consequently grew to become Ghantakarna Mahavir resulting from his deeds (karma). He's commemorated as thirtieth Vir (hero) within the listing of fifty-two Rakshak Devs ("protector divinity") or Virs. Ghantakarna Mahavir's most vital mandir is located in Mahudi.

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