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Chinnamasta is a composite one, transmission actuality as an union of intercourse, loss of life, formation...
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Chinnamasta Devi Yantra

This Chinnamasta Mantra charged by Devi Parvati Yantra.

Beneficial for Chinnamasta Yantra - Powerful Life, Love, Good Relationship.

About Chinnamasta.

Chinnamasta is a composite one, transmission actuality as an union of intercourse, loss of life, formation, destruction and rebirth. It's gorgeous illustration of the truth that life, intercourse, and demise are an intrinsic a part of the impressive unified system that creates up the manifested world. The stark contrasts in this iconographic state of affairs-the ugly decapitation, the copulating couple, the consuming of recent blood, all organized in a fragile, harmonious sample - jolt the viewer into an consciousness of the truths that life feeds on loss of life, is nourished by demise, and necessitates dying and that the last word future of intercourse is to be responsible for extra life, which in flip will decay and pass away with the intention to nourish extra life. As organized in most renditions of the icon, the lotus and the combination couple seem to channel a strong life power into the mata. The couple having fun with intercourse convey an insistent, important need to the mata ; they appear to pump her with power. And on the high, like an spilling over fountain, her blood spurts from her severed neck, the life power leaving her, however streaming into the mouths of her devotes (and into her personal mouth as effectively) to nourish and maintain them. The sequence is basically portrayed: life (the couple creation love), demise (the decapitated goddess), and nourishment (the flanking yoginis ingesting her blood).

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