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Amaranth Cave was found by a Muslim marshal of Batakot, Buta Malik, when he lost his flock and located...
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Baba Ambarnath Yantra for Strongness

This Baba Ambarnath Yantra charged by Shiva Mantra.

Beneficial for Banke Bihari Yantra - Give you Mukti, Moksh, good health, Strongness.

About Baba Ambarnath.

Amaranth Cave was found by a Muslim marshal of Batakot, Buta Malik, when he lost his flock and located that it had strayed into the sacred spot some a hundred and fifty years ago. There's a documentary evidence of this finding. Even at the moment his household receives some a part of the alms provided by pilgrims. However, to prove that the holy cave and the ice lingam had been identified to the individuals since very historic occasions and have been repeatedly and frequently visited by pilgrims not solely from Kashmir but in addition from completely different components of India. Bhringish Samhita and the Amarnatha Mahatmya, each historic shastra stated to have been composed even previous. Sources to Amarnath, identified have additionally been made in historic archives just like the Rajatarangini and its sequels and several other Western travelers accounts additionally leaving little question about the truth that the holy cave has been identified to individuals for centuries. The unique identify of the tirtha, as given within the historic texts, is in fact Amareshwara, Amarnath being a reputation given later to it.

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