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Ekvira mata yantra


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Ekvira Mandir is a respected place for the native fishermen community. The deity that occupies...
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Ek vira Yantra

This Ek Vira Mantra charged Renuka Yantra.

Beneficial for Ek Vira Yantra - Fulfill desires, Remove pain, difficulties.

About Ek Vira.

Ekvira Mandir is a respected place for the native fishermen community. The deity that occupies pride of place here is the Aai Ekvira, the tribal Goddess worshiped by the Agri community. It's believed that the mandir was constructed by the Pandavas once they visited this half throughout their year lengthy send away. The Mata Aai Ekvira as soon as appeared earlier than them and demanded mandir needs to be constructed right here however earlier than dawn. The Pandavas, accurate to their phrase, constructed the mandir right away. The loyalty of the Pandavas overwhelmed the Mata a lot that she decided their want that they need to by no means be discovered throughout their send away. Based on Hindu mythology, the Mata is supposed to be the avatar of Renuka Devi. The Aai Ekvira Mata is the Kul-Devata of the Koli and Sunar group of people. The mandir attracts giant crowds on particular events resembling Chaitra or Navaratri. The overwhelming majority of pilgrims visiting right here on these events are people of the Koli community. The mandir advanced arrives alive with Koli dances and music with an area people stroke. One other ritual noticed right here on such particular events is the providing to the Mata which is within the type of sacrifice of goats and chickens. The Kolis consider that this sacrifice ritual appeases the Mata and she or he retains them protected against evil and damage.

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