Lakshmi-Kuber Sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

लक्ष्मी- कुबेर आकर्षण साधना शिविर

Lakshmi-Kuber Sadhna Shivir

(Sat+Sun) 26th -27th Jan 2019 at Vajreshwari near mumbai.

धन व जमीन जायदाद का सुख प्राप्त करने के लिये लक्ष्मी कुबेर साधना से बढकर कोई साधना नही होती. माता लक्ष्मी रुपये-पैसो की देवी मानी जाती है वही कुबेर धन के रक्षक व संसार की सभी अचल संपत्ति के स्वामी माने जाते है. अगर इन दोनो का अनुष्ठान एक साथ किया जाय तो सभी प्रकार के सुखो की प्राप्त होने लगती है. इसलिये इस लक्ष्मी- कुबेर साधना शिविर मे भाग लेना भी किसी सौभाग्य से कम नही है. इसलिये एक बार अवश्य जरूर इस शिविर मे भाग लेकर अनुभव जरूर प्राप्त करे!


Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Siddha Lakshmi-kuber Yantra, Siddha Lakshmi-kuber mala, Siddha Lakshmi-kuber parad gutika, Siddha Lakshmi-kuber asan, Lakshmi shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, haldi ganesh, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Lakshmi-kuber Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 10000/-)

Call for booking- 91 8652439844

Past-life Regression

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

2 Days


Sat+Sun (12th-13th Jan. 2019) 10am to 6pm at Grand Hotel, Malad west- Mumbai

पिछले जीवन मे जाने की कला. इस कोर्स के द्वारा दूसरे ब्यक्ति को उसके पिछले जीवन मे ले जाकर इस जीवन मे आने वाली समस्याओ का समाधान खोज सकते है.

Explore yourself इसमे आप सीखेंगे.. हिप्नॉसिस+ त्राटक + रिग्रेशन मैथड + मनोविज्ञान

Past-life Regression Seminar Booking

Fees 8000/- Including- Course materials with Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch, Tea.

Call for booking- 91 8652439844 (Separate batch for doctor)

Markesh yog Nivaran Puja

Buy Markesh yog Nivaran Puja

Markesh Dosha is created when the position of planets is so formed within the kundli (horoscope) that it possesses the ability of lethal troubles or may end up in death...
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Puja for markesh yog

Markesh Dosha Nivaran Puja

Beneficial for health, security and incidence.

Markesh Dosha is created when the position of planets is so formed within the kundli (horoscope) that it possesses the ability of lethal troubles or may end up in death. Exalted lords of the 2nd and 7th home and debilitated Ascendant create this Dosha a in a kundli. Markesh Dosha a could improve a state of sick-being attributable to affliction or misfortune in ones life.

Dwitiyesh and Saptamesh Dashas are additionally identified to impose Markesh Dosha. In this period one has to bear intense unhappiness and sufferings. In some cases it might cause dying of a person. In Markesh Dosha or Marak interval (killing period, unintended, un- and abnormal deaths are prompted to the best diploma, particularly when the sufficient and effective remedy isn't performed.

Typically an individual passes by means of a bad phase to a greatest potential diploma, extent or intensity in life span once, twice or may be thrice according to his planetary positions forming a Markesh Dosha a which generates to a lot negativity which dangers his real longevity.

Based on astrology there are times in an individual's life, when social, financial and physical instance of misfortune referred to as 'Markesh Dosha ' are formed. This Markesh Dosha can flip the other way up eg a richest particular person to poor and healthy and physically sound person to diseased or bodily unsound. This Dosha also can lead to many incurable illnesses or accidents making a person crippled or otherwise physically handicapped.

Markesh Dosha Nivaran Puja
DivyaYogaShop suggests to each and every individual going by Markesh Dosha to go for Markesh Dosha Nivaran Puja in advance after detailed evaluation of horoscope. This Puja acts as a perfect treatment and treatment to nullify the adverse planetary position in order that their is no probability of hurt as a consequence of this lethal Dosha.

Tantra based Markesh Shanti Puja by DivyaYogaShop
Markesh Shanti Pooja is particularly appropriate beneficial for health, security and incidence. This ceremony is carried out by expert tantra based pundit as per the prescribed rituals by providing garments and meals, and many others and blessings are sought. After that it is customary to do poor feeding.

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TithiKrishna Paksha
Tithi MuhurthSaptami, Trayodashi, Amavasya, Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra
Puja Day1 Day
Puja by 1 Pandit, 3 Pandit, 5 Pandit
Puja/Sadhna MuhurthAfter 9pm