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Sampurn ramayan katha paath


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Who listens Ramayan katha daily to this oldest epic, composed by Wise Valmiki, that is calculated to give...
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Ramayan katha paath for long life and strength

Who listens Ramayan katha daily to this oldest epic, composed by Wise Valmiki, that is calculated to give spiritual merit, renown and long life also to bring victory and lends support to the Vedas, is totally rid of sin. On hearing the narrative of his consecration on the throne of Ayodhya, a person looking for a son obtains sons and a seeker of prosperity obtains riches in the world. At the same time as Kausalya had a living son in 'Sri Rama, Sumitra in Lakshmana and Satrughna and Kaikeyi in Bharata, so females has living sons, will ever experience joy and will be blessed with sons and grandsons in abundance. Nay, one attains an extended life on listening to this poem, the Ramayana and particularly to this entire narrative of the victory of Sri Rama, who was unwearied in action. Again he who, having conquered his anger, reverently listens to this epic, composed in the days of old by sage Valmiki, overcomes all difficulties.

They who hear this epic will secure from Sri Rama in this world all the booms coveted by them. A person offering worship to and reading this very old historical work is totally rid of all sins and attains longevity. After offering reverential salutations with their heads bent low, the epic ought to be listened to by the Ksatriyas from the mouth of a Brahmana (lit. a member of the twice-born class) every day.With him who listens to or reads the whole of this Ramayana daily, Sri Rama remains constantly pleased. Indeed he is none else than the eternal Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu. The mighty-armed Lord (bhagawan) Sri Hari, who has His house on the waters of the sea of milk, has appeared in person as Sri Rama, the foremost of the Raghus, and Sesa (the serpent god forming His couch) is spoken of as Laksmana... On listening to this charming epic, full of great meaning one secures the growth of one's family in addition to the augmentation of one's prosperity and stock of grains, brilliant females and supreme felicity in addition to the achievement of all one's objects on planet. This charming narrative of Shri Rama - which is helpful to long life, strength, fame, harmony, knowledge and strength - ought to be listened to with regularity by honorable men wishing for of success.

Ramayan katha paath procedure: Rama invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities, Ramayan katha paath, Ramayan Aarti and Ramayan vrat katha, Ramayan katha havan.

Divyayogashop skilled priests (Pandit) will carry out Ramayan vrat katha as per vedic methods based on birth details. The Ramayan vrat katha Puja articles shall be dispatched to you through courier. Ramayan vrat katha Puja photo will be set on your mail id. Kindly mention your birth details (name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is the individual Ramayan vrat katha paath (you may do Ramayan vrat katha paath on individual name or add in your near and dear ones in this Ramayan vrat katha.

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Tithi MuhurthShukl Paksha Ekadashi
Descriptions1 day Sampurn ramayan katha, 7 days Sampurn ramayan katha
Puja/Sadhna1 Day, 7 Days
Priest (Pandit)1 Pandit
Puja time muhurthAfter 9am
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthMonday, Thursday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, Chandra Grahan, Surya Grahan