Srividya Sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

श्रीविद्या साधना शिविर

Srividya Sadhna Shivir vajreshwari

(Sat+Sun) 4th -5th May 2019 at Vajreshwari near mumbai.

125000 to 50000 Mantra jap and Purnahuti

धन व जमीन जायदाद का सुख प्राप्त करने के लिये श्रीविद्या साधना से बढकर कोई साधना नही होती. माता श्रीविद्या धन- सुख समृद्धी की अधिष्ठात्री देवी मानी जाती है अगर इनका अनुष्ठान गोपनीय विधि के साथ किया जाय तो सभी प्रकार के सुखो की प्राप्ति होने लगती है. इसलिये इस साधना शिविर मे भाग लेना भी किसी सौभाग्य से कम नही है. इसलिये एक बार अवश्य जरूर इस शिविर मे भाग लेकर अनुभव जरूर प्राप्त करे!


Pickup point-(8am) Hotel Hardik place, opp mira road railway station east. Mira road.

Shivir Location-

Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Siddha Shree Yantra, Siddha Shrividya mala, Siddha Shrividya parad gutika, Siddha Shrividya asan, Shrividya shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra and more.) + Shrividya Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 10000/-)

Call for booking- 91 9702222903

Holi katha paath

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Holi katha paath reduce the malefic/evil effect of balarishta yog, chandal yog in kundali, to reduce the malefic...
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Holi katha paath for protection

"Holi" a spiritual spring event generally celebrated and honored, the strength of that remains the same over the country. It is widely known through Hindus at the end of the winter period on the next day of last full moon day (Phalgun Purnima), which generally falls in the later a part of February or March.

Holi katha paath reduce the malefic/evil effect of balarishta yog, chandal yog in kundali, to reduce the malefic/evil effect of retrograde Shukra and mangal grahas and turn out them powerful and helpful, to secure people from any evil spirit/jadoo tona and from some other eventuality.

Persons going through the main and sub period of Shukra, Mangal, Ketu(mahadasha and antardasha) are suggested to conduct the holi poojan and daan in order that quantum of suffering or debt is reduced.

Holi katha paath procedure: Narayan invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities, Holi Aarti and Holi lakshmi vrat katha, Holi katha havan.

Divyayogashop skilled priests (Pandit) will carry out Holi vrat katha as per vedic methods based on birth details. The Holi vrat katha Puja articles shall be dispatched to you through courier. Holi vrat katha Puja photo will be set on your mail id. Kindly mention your birth details (name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is the individual Holi vrat katha paath (you may do Holi vrat katha paath on individual name or add in your near and dear ones in this Holi vrat katha).

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Puja/Sadhna1 Day
Priest (Pandit)1 Pandit, 3 Pandit, 5 Pandit
Puja time muhurthAfter 6pm