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Shivratri vrat katha paath


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Based on Hindu mythology, rite of mahashivratri Vrat with discipline supports a disciple to manage the two great...
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Shivaratri vrat katha paath

Based on Hindu mythology, rite of mahashivratri Vrat with discipline supports a disciple to manage the two great normal forces that afflict a person, rajas guna (the standard of passionate activity) and tamas guna (the standard of inertia). When a disciple spends a whole day in the Feet of Lord (bhagawan) and worships with honesty, his motion is controlled and evils like lust, anger and suspicion, born of Rajas are ignored and passive. As well, when a disciple observes vigil usually in the night (jaagran) he manages to overcome the evils of Tamas Guna too. These have also been mentioned that when a disciple observes a round of worship every three hours, the Shivaratri Vrata will become complete.

Devotees of Lord (bhagawan) Shiva consider Shivratri fast to be very favorable and rate it equal or on average performing an Ashwamedha Yagna. Certain think that a disciple who observes a Shivaratri Fast with sincerity and utters the name of Lord (bhagawan) Shiva with wonderful dedication is absolved from all sins. These kinds of a disciple reaches the house of Lord (bhagawan) Shiva and lives there happily. He is also liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Shivaratri vrat katha paath procedure: Shiva invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities, Shivaratri vrat katha paath, Shivaratri Aarti and Shivaratri vrat katha, Shivaratri havan.

Divyayogashop skilled priests (Pandit) will carry out Shivaratri vrat katha as per vedic methods based on birth details. The Shivaratri vrat katha Puja articles shall be dispatched to you through courier. Shivaratri vrat katha Puja photo will be set on your mail id. Kindly mention your birth details (name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is the individual Shivaratri vrat katha paath (you may do Shivaratri vrat katha paath on individual name or add in your near and dear ones in this Shivaratri vrat katha.)

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Descriptions1 day Shivratri vrat katha paath
Puja/Sadhna1 Day
Priest (Pandit)1 Pandit
Puja time muhurthAfter 9am