Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana for Riches and Material life

"The person who doing this sadhana turns into rich and highly effective like Lord Indra!" It's mentioned...
Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana for Riches and Material life


Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana

Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana methods for Riches and Material life

The Sadhna has to be tried on a Full Moon night time between 9 pm and midnight. Have a shower and put on yellow clothes. Sit dealing with North on a yellow seat. Cover a wood seat with a yellow cloth. On a mound of rice positive aspects place Bhuvaneshwari Yantra. Provide vermilion, rice features and rose petals on the Yantra. Light glee lamp and incense. Then chant 21 rounds with the following Mantra with a rosary (mala).

Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana mantra for Riches and Material life

"Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Bhuvaneshwaryei Namah"

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं भुवनेश्वर्यै नमः ॥

Perform this recurrently for 3 days. Drop the Yantra and rosary (mala) bundled, in the river or pond. Provide meals and presents to child below ten years in age. That is actually a really efficient Sadhna that can not fail even from the present age of Kaliyuga.

Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana samagri for Riches and Material life

Bhuvaneshwari yantra, Bhuvaneshwari mala, Bhuvaneshwari dhan gutika, asan, holy threads, rakshasutra and sadhana methods.

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Diksha muhurth
Tuesday, Chandra Grahan, Surya Grahan, Guru Pushya, Ravi Pushya
Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/Diksha
Male above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothing
Puja-Sadhna Direction
Tithi Muhurth
Krishna Paksha Navami, Shukl Paksha Navami
Mantra Chanting
Bhuvanesjwari mantra chanting 21 mala for 7 days
7 Days
Puja time muhurth
After 9pm
Puja/Sadhana Muhurth
Tuesday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, Chandra Grahan, Surya Grahan
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