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Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana


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Though some Bhoot prets or creatures of different Itar Yoni might be highly smart, nicely-mannered and nicely-disciplined however..
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Shamshanvashini maha kali sadhana

Though some Bhoot prets or creatures of different Itar Yoni might be highly smart, nicely-mannered and nicely-disciplined however principally it’s reverse have been seen. It may be understood on this manner that particular person in his lifetime has been more energetic with the intention to fulfill his Vaasna (craving) , so after loss of life , he attains varied Vaasna Shareer (Physique) as a substitute of Astral Body. Vaasna (craving) right here doesn't solely imply sex reasonably all negative and immoral emotions inside human which give rise to ideas of causing harm to others will be known as Vaasna. By these varied bodies Bhoot, Pret and Brahma Rakshas exist. After death too, they do not get freedom form their mental state and they do Karmas in accordance with their erstwhile nature and they get particular satisfaction from harming others. And for that reason some Bhoot Pret etc. begins affecting some places or individual’s mind. Some Itar Yonis even enter the physique of individual having weak religious energy and fulfill their imply desires. Such incidents often are witnessed by us. However what an individual or sadhak can do in order to get riddance from such sort of pain.

Sadhna offered right here is expounded to Bhagwati Mahakaali Shamshaanvaasini. By way of this Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana, sadhak on one hand can safe himself and his circle of relatives and alternatively assist these troubled person who are suffering from such problems. Sadhak attains depth on account of which individual can get rid of Itar Yoni associated obstacles and by the grace of Shamshaanvaasini, can provide people riddance from such problems. This sadhna is intense sadhna nevertheless it will not harm sadhak. Due to this fact, any sadhak can do that sadhna without any anxiety. In this manner, sadhak after doing this Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana may help lots of of people. But sadhak should not misuse his personal power. Goddess by no means permits any inconvenience to be prompted to sadhak who works for welfare and greatest interests of people.

Sadhak ought to begin this sadhna on eighth day of Krishn Paksha or any Sunday. It should be performed after 9 P.M in night.

It's best for sadhak if he does this sadhna in cremation ground. However, if it isn't possible then sadhak may do it at home. If this sadhana is being executed in shamshaan then sadhak ought to first of all fully perceive security procedure after which do sadhna in cremation ground.

Sadhak ought to take bath in night time, wear red dress and sit on red aasan facing North direction.

After it, sadhak should do Pujan of Sadgurudev, Lord Ganesha and Bhairav and set up idol/yantra of Mahakaali in entrance of him and do its Pujan. Lamp utilized in Pujan ought to have 4 wicks. Lamp may even be made by flour.
Sadhak after doing Nyaas procedure etc. ought to do dhayan of Shamshaan Kaali and after it, sadhak ought to chant primary mantra.

Sadhak ought to chant fifty one rounds of the below mantra. Sadhak can take relaxation for a while after 31 rounds. Sadhak ought to use Rudraksh rosary. This process ought to be finished by sadhak for three days. After three days, Sadhak ought to throw rosary in cremation ground.

Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana mantra:-


||ॐ क्लीं श्मशानवाशिने भूतादि पलायन कुरु कुरु नमः॥

After it , whenever sadhak has to use this Mantra , then sadhak should mentally recite above-said mantra 7 times at place afflicted by Bhoot Prets or going near such person , pray to Shamshaan Kaalika and while chanting mentally the Mantra , sprinkle water on that person or related person , the obstacle is removed.

Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana article:-

Shamshanvashini Mahakali yantra, Shamshanvashini Mahakali mala, Shamshanvashini Mahakali vigrah, Shamshanvashini Mahakali yantra asan and Shamshanvashini Mahakali sadhana methods.

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Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingRed
Puja-Sadhna DirectionNorth
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Ashtami
Havan/Ahuti10% havan of Shamshanvashini Mahakali mantra
Mantra Chanting31 mala Shamshanvashini Mahakali mantra
Puja/Sadhna3 Days
Puja time muhurthAfter 9pm
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthSunday, Amavasya, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra
Yantra made onBhojpatra