Dhanvantari Puja vidhi, online Dhanvantari Puja vidhi

Dhanvantari Puja vidhi by divyayogashop

This puja includes Shri maha ganpati kalash sthapan poojanam, Shri Dhanvantari pranprathista, sodasoupchar pujan, vishnu pujan, Shri Dhanvantari mantra japa, purnahuti, havan or homa and visarjan. Aside from these we also perform Shri Dhanvantari yantra puja and some other special vaidik puja as per the necessity.

Dhanvantari rituals done on these fortunate occasions plays prime significance to seek blessings and luck for all household people. 9 planets are worshiped to attain achievement and the most power is generated from a specific planet to obtain it completely energized. Exclusive Tantrik Puja's which is performed only at midnight are done to get rid of ego and negativeness that hamper religious and material development. Vadik rituals are carried out basically for general happiness, wellbeing, prosperity, and calm. Individuals are blessed with extreme joy, wealth and seek security against evil, enemies and adversities.

This Dhanvantari puja completed by our Divyayogashop's tantra priest (Pandit) by maintaining pure holiness and incorporating vedic/tantrik rituals for getting fast outcome.