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Exclusive Dhanvantari pooja and homams is performed yearly on the birthday celebration of lord (bhagawan)...
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Dhanvantri vaidik pooja for Good Health

Exclusive Dhanvantari pooja and homams is performed yearly on the birthday celebration of lord (bhagawan) dhanvantari that falls on dhanteras i.e two days before deepavali. Besides this tantra sadhaks also conduct dhanvantari pooja on the auspicious days of Ashtami, Ekadashi, trayodasi, amavasya and monday of every month.

Dhanvantari pooja is performed on the above days in the hora's of guru and budh that happen to be the best appropriate time auguring favorable circumstances and good luck to get good well being. This vaidik pooja is performed to invoke the blessings of lord (bhagawan) dhanvantari to cure all the illnesses and other health ailments. Through this pooja divine intervention of the divine physician is bestowed and the helpful energy is absorbed by the ailing person.

Through the pooja of Lord (bhagawan) Dhanwantari, 108 medicinal herbs are offered into the sacrificial fire. These herbs emits medicinal components throughout the environment, whereby they relieve the effected someone from all bodily ailments. Therefore this pooja proves to be a strong treatment for all those undergoing disorders.
Divyayogashop recommends that every individual must get this pooja performed once in a year or as and when required for self and family to beat from illness and health troubles.

Dhanvantri pooja benefits

Dhanwantari pooja conducted by Divyayogashop gives the next benefits
Advantageous for bodily, psychological and psychological troubles.
Particularly suitable for kids health purposes
To get over chronic illnesses and other body aliments
For longevity, rejuvenation

Those who suffer constantly undergoing any aliments should get this pooja done for early recovery. This pooja is highly recommended even when medically recommended medicines fail to make well.

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TithiKrishna Paksha
Tithi MuhurthAshtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Amavasya
Puja Day1 Day
Puja by 1 Pandit, 3 Pandit, 5 Pandit
Puja/Sadhna MuhurthAfter 3pm