Lakshmi Yakshini sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

धनदा लक्ष्मी यक्षिणी साधना शिविर


(Sat+Sun) 27-28 May. 2023 at Vajreshwari near Mumbai.

मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी मे धनदा लक्ष्मी यक्षिणी साधना शिविर तांत्रोक्त विधि से संपन्न होने जा रहा है. धनदा लक्ष्मी यक्षिणी मे माता के तीन स्वरूप सरस्वती काली महालक्ष्मी समाहित होती है. इनकी साधना से ज्ञान, सुरक्षा के साथ आर्थिक उन्नति भी होती है. ये साधना हर तरह की आर्थिक समस्या का समाधान देता है. इनकी कृपा से मनुष्य अपने जीवन मे परिवार के साथ शत प्रतिशत तरक्की करता है शत्रु दूर रहना पसंद करते है. सीखने की क्षमता बढती है. . हर तरह की रोग, जलन, नकारात्मक उर्जा, विघ्न संतोषियो से आपकी रक्षा होती है. इनकी कृपा से नौकरी- ब्यापार मे आने वाली बाधाये नष्ट होनी शुरु हो जाती है. नौकरी ब्यापार दुकान धंधे मे तरक्की के साथ विवाद क्लेष नष्ट होकर पारिवारिक शांती मिलनी शुरु हो जाती है.

इसमें भाग लेने के दो तरीके है एक तो शिविर मे आकर साधना में भाग ले सकते है दूसरा आप ऑनलाइन भी भाग ले सकते हैं अगर आप भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो नीचे डिस्क्रिप्शन में लिंक दिया है वहां पर फॉर्म भरकर बुकिंग कर सकते है 8652439844 / 9702222903.


Call for booking-91 7710812329/ 91 9702222903

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Shri Hanuman Chalisa Kavach Locket


Buy Shri Hanuman Chalisa Kavach Locket

This shree hanuman chalisa pendent is charged by 11000 Panchamukhi hanuman mantra. After years of devoted analysis, the Shri Hanuman Chalisa Pendent have been created as a Devotional Pendant of immeasurable worth
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Worlds smallest Hanuman Chalisa in the lord Hanumanji pendant

This shree hanuman chalisa pendent is charged by 11000 Panchamukhi hanuman mantra. After years of devoted analysis, the Shri Hanuman Chalisa Pendent have been created as a Devotional Pendant of immeasurable worth! This products is the best high quality developed in the pursuit of a typical aim - Hanumanji’s prayer near the heart!

Shree Hanuman Chalisa Pendent encompasses the Lord’s Kind & Prayer and have been:

Conceived by devotees from world wide, Developed by designers in Europe Distinctive options of the Pendant embody:Lovely profile of Hanuman ji created within the shiny mixture of alloys Totally readable Hanuman Chalisa set within the Pendant Clearly articulated Panch Mukhi Hanumanji’s image Hanuman Chalisa engraved on the back.

The Hanuman Chalisa
Is a most chanted devotional prayer based mostly on Lord Hanuman and praising his devotion to Lord Rama.

It's popularly believed that chanting the Hanuman Chalisa invokes Hanumanji's divine intervention in everyday issues and gives peace of mind to the devotee.
Hundreds of thousands of Hanumanji’s Devotees swear that the Prayer has performed a pivotal function in constructing character and a righteous persona - for youngsters and grown-ups alike!

The package incorporates

  • Hanumanji pendant which incorporates the worlds smallest Hanuman Chalisa in legible format.
  • 24 caret gold plated chain
  • Authentication certificate

How do I view the Prayer?

Viewing the prayer is straightforward:

First find the small glass lens which were set above the “tilak” of Hanumanji. Hold the pendant (Hanuman ji’s profile in the direction of you) near your eyes if you are dealing with in the direction of a supply of light.If the stanzas aren't clear, regulate the space between your eyes plus the pendant until you get a greater focus.

What's a Pendant made up of?

The pendant have been composed of metallic alloys to provide energy & magnificence to the devotee.

Are there any “Particular Care” directions for the pendant?

The pendant is often a one-of-a-type jewelry arrange with a lens and an embedded crystal. We urge you to observe these directions to make sure longitivtiy of the pendant & the inscribed prayer:

It's advisable to take away the pendant throughout bath or any exercise the place there may be water damage to the lens & embedded crystal. If the pendant does get soaked, wipe it with a clear dry fabric, and maintain it in daylight for drying - for about 5 hours.It's suggested to take away the pendant throughout bath.Extreme water exposure may injury the lens.

Hanuman pendent wearing muhurt

  • Day- Tuesday
  • Time- after 6am
  • Direction- Easy

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