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Sun and Saturn Sadhana for obstacles

Buy Sun and Saturn Sadhana for obstacles

An individual might or may not bear in mind the beneficial planets but he positive bows before the malefic ones....
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Sun and Saturn Sadhana for obstacles

Shani Gutika- Surya Gutika- Shani yantra- Surya yantra

An individual might or may not bear in mind the beneficial planets but he positive bows before the malefic ones. Saturn can bring about reversals in life. But when together with Sadhana of Saturn, Sadhana of his father, the Sun, is achieved then one can completely change one's life for the better. One of the best ways is to destroy problems from their roots. One such very technique is the next Sun-Saturn Sadhana.

The impact of planets on human life cannot be negated. The planets maintain transferring around the sun and keep getting into completely different zodiac signs thus forming completely different mixtures which have different effects. Sometimes one is favoured by good luck and at other instances one has to face obstacles and problems. All that is because of the effect of the planets and the celebrities above.

There are nine astrological planets namely Moon, Solar , Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu within the solar system, and all these rule over completely different parts of the human body. The Sun guidelines over the abdomen, Moon over the chest, Mars over the top, Mercury over shoulders and neck, Jupiter over the liver and urinary organs, Venus over the face, Saturn over thighs, Rahu over the feet and Ketu over the soles.

Among these planets Sun and Saturn are main. Sun is alleged to be probably the most highly effective among all planets. It's a masculine planet and it signifies bodily and mental well being, respect and fame, courage, anger and bravery. Sun represents the persona of a person.

Similarly the planet Saturn has a boring complexion and travels slowly. It represents the wind constitution. It represents bodily energy, Yog, prosperity, mental inclination, deceit, lies, cruelty etc.

The essential factor to notice is that in a single’s life the impact of Solar and Saturn is most marked. The place as Sun bestows radiance, Saturn instils deep thought in a person.

Saturn is the son of Sun and the brother of Yama. Because of this accidents and premature dying are studied from Saturn.

When you take your horoscope to an astrologer then the very first thing he would research is the position of Saturn within the horoscope. The Mahadasa of Saturn is of 19 years. Based on the Vimshotari Dasa system the whole Mahadasa period of all planets taken collectively is 120 years. The Mahadasa of Sun is of 6 years, Moon 10 years, Mars 7 years, Rahu 18 years, Jupiter sixteen years, Saturn 19 years, Mercury 17 years, Ketu 7 years and Venus 20 years. In the Mahadasa of every planet there are sub periods or Antar Dasas of all planets.

To make the Saturn strong and favourable within the horoscope there are a lot of Sadhanas and rituals. But one mustn't forget that Saturn is the son of Sun. And the Solar is a really radiant planet. Hence if Sun and Saturn Sadhanas are finished collectively then quicker and higher outcomes are obtained. The fact is that Solar is the only planet that may neutralise thc damaging results of the planet Saturn.

Saturn Dasa in human life
The Dasa of Saturn doesn't mean only the Mahadasa, slightly it additionally signifies the Antar Dasas within the Mahadasas of other planets.

People are very much affected by the planets. Amongst all of the planets Saturn could be very powerful. An individual having a robust and beneficial Saturn within the horoscope can accomplish powerful psychological tasks. Such a person is usually a profitable writer, musician, astrologer, politician, Tantra knowledgeable, actor, policeman and administrator. He can be a very successful industrialist and may manufacture chemicals or explosives.

The Dasa or the period of Saturn can be divided into four phases.

First phase
In the first section there is a rise in spendings, quarrels in household life, differences with mother and father, loss of religion and unhealthy relations with relatives.
On this section the health stays good, the enterprise is nice and there are great profits. But the spendings are even greater. The individual has many friends and one establishes good relations with administrative officers. There are earnings through unlawful means too.

Second phase
In this phase the particular person becomes extravagant. He wastes money on useless activities. He could take to drinking. He has quarrels with household members. There's fixed preventing among the family members. He spends rather a lot for his friends. He has amorous affairs in which he spends money and time and writes love letters. He spends less time in business. Objectives usually are not attained on time. His food habits grow to be irregular. There are tensions with greater officials. There might be transfers in job. One is just not able to please the seniors even though one works hard. There are frustrations in job and the hope of promotion is left unfulfilled. One has to face problems in studies. Even after working very laborious one shouldn't be in a position to get passable result.

Third phase
In this part one has to bear monetary problems. Tension in family life increases. There are fights and quarrels, police cases, courtroom cases and huge medical bills. There are severe variations with brothers. Family may break up. Love affairs fail and there are problems as a result of them. There are tensions, fights, violence and critical bother in life.

One would possibly even begin consuming, gambling. One loses all one’s wealth. One may even wind up in prison. There's loss of face within the society and at home. There is unwell fame.

For those in authorities jobs too, there are problems. Seniors would possibly punish one without reason. One may even get suspended. If one is a contractor one faces lots of problems. One spends a couple of earns. There is difference of opinion with the spouse. Both married associate may depart home. Paucity of cash is a constant supply of worry. However one can get cash on debt very easily.

Third phase
This section has two parts.
First half: One becomes separated from the household due to which one has to face lots of problems and pain. One has to run from pillar to publish to get issues done. Relations with administrative officers worsen. Sources of incomes are reduced. There are losses in business and one loses all savings. One may lose one’s job. Students should face failures in study and examinations. One gets simply irritated. The married life stays unhappy. Health deteriorates. Whatever one earns one spends. There's lack of respect within the society.

One will not be able to reach anything. The mind stays disturbed. There is no such thing as a harmony among the ideas and actions. One’s thoughts keeps wavering. One just isn't capable of concentrate in a single task. One begins many things collectively and therefore fails. One can even turn out to be bankrupt.
On account of dangerous financial situation one has to take to fallacious technique of earning. One will get no support from the household and one at all times feels lonely and neglected. Associates break all hyperlinks with the person. One even begins to consider suicide. Aside from this there seems no way out of 1’s problems. One simply loses one’s temper.

However despite so many issues the person retains smiling. He would possibly even get married. The married life is pleased however the financial place stays bad.

Second half: If Saturn is malefic it generates the considered committing suicide. But whether it is benefic it may make even a king out of a pauper. In the final phase Saturn both destroys the person or makes him highly successful.

There are possibilities of accidents and even death. Some body part might get significantly hurt.

If Jupiter is benefic in this interval then the individual enjoys comforts, pleasures, wealth and vehicles. He wins elections and even gets authorities job or promotion in job. There happens a complete change in his life. He earns laurels by his success and there's lot of travelling. In the Dasa of Saturn the malefic impact of the planet surely influences the lifetime of an individual even if Saturn is benefic within the horoscope. This malefic effect is like poisoning the joys of life and it makes life disturbed.

To remove this bad impact the traditional Rishis devised several Sadhanas by way of which the adverse affect of Saturn could be neutralised. Also by way of these very Sadhanas Saturn could possibly be made favourable. When these Sadhanas are tried the particular person will get protected from the damaging effect of Saturn. It then turns into benefic for the individual and helps him attain to success and progress in life.

As I stated earlier a Sadhak ought to strive Sadhana of Solar earlier than he tries Saturn Sadhana with a view to make Saturn fully benefic. The Sadhana of Solar is completed in the morning while that of Saturn is completed at night.

This can be a eleven day Sadhana. First the Sadhana of Sun is being revealed adopted by the Sadhana of Saturn.

Sadhana of Sun
One needs a Surya Yantra and Surya rosary for this Sadhana.

1. This Sadhana is to be began from any Sunday morning.
2. Do it often for 11 days.
3. Wear pure white clothes and through the days of Sadhana do not eat salty and oily food. Higher eat fruit.
4. Cowl a wood seat with a white cloth and on it draw a Sun with saffron. Over this place a copper plate by which ought to be positioned a Surya Yantra.
5. Worship the Yantra by offering on it rice grains, flowers, and vermilion. Earlier than the Yantra make a mound of rice grains dyed yellow and on it place the rosary. Supply flowers on it too.
6. Praying to the Solar who's life giving supply red flowers on the Yantra. Light a ghee lamp and incense.
7. With the Surya rosary chant five rounds of the following Mantra.
Om Sam Suryaay Shriyamiddhay Phat.
8. After the Sadhana offer water to the rising Sun from a copper tumbler.
9. After eleven days drop the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

Sadhana of Saturn
1. The day you begin Sun Sadhana the identical evening begin Sadhana of Saturn. Begin at 9 pm.
2. Have a shower and wear black or dark blue clothes. Cover yourself with Guru Pitambar (special scarf with the ability of Guru Mantra). Sit facing the East.
3. Earlier than your self on the ground draw a triangle with lamp black and on it place a copper plate. Within the plate draw an eight petalled lotus with lamp black and on it place the Shani Yantra.
4. Supply rice grains dyed black with lamp black on the Yantra chanting

Om Sham Om.

After this chant the next Mantras.

(energising fingers via Mantra)
Chant every time joining the fingers indicated.
Shaneishcharaay Angushtthaabhyaam Namah
(both thumbs).
Mandgataye Tarjaneebhyaam Namah
Athoksh-jaay Madhyamaabhyaam Namah
(center fingers).
Krishnnaangaay Anaamikaabhyaam Namah
(ring fingers).
Sushkodaraay Kanishtthikaabhyaam Namah
(small fingers)
Chaayaatmajaay Kartalkar Prishtthaabhyaam Namah
(backside of each palms)
Chant thus touching the body part indicated.
Shaneishcharaay Hridyaay Namah
Mandgataye Shirase Swaahaa
Athoksh-jaay Shikhaayei Vashat
(crown of head).
Shushkodaraay Netratrayaay Voushat
Chhaayaatmajaay Astraay Phat

5. Then with a Shani Saafalya rosary chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

Praam Preem Proum Sah Shanishcharaay Namah.

6. After the Mantra chanting offer three black or blue flowers on the Yantra. If black flowers aren't available then provide white flowers smeared with lamp black.

7. After Sadhana pray to Saturn chanting thus -

Konnasthah Pingalo Vabhruh Krishnno Roudraantako Yamah Sourih Shanishcharo Mandah Pipplaaden Sanstutah. Etaani Sprint Naamaani Praatruthaay Yah Patthet Shanishchar Kritaa Peedaa Na Kadaachit Bhavishyati.

i.e. Konnasth, Pingal, Vabhru, Krishnna, Roudra, Antak, Yam, Shanishchar, Souri and Mand are the ten names of Saturn and whoever chants these names is protected from Saturn’s wrath. Chant the above verse eleven times.

8. Be a part of each palms after which chant thus -

Neelghutim Shooldharam Kirotinam, Gughrasthitam Traaskaram Dhanurdharam.
Chaturbhujam Sooryasutam Prashaantam, Vande Sadaabheesht Karam Varennyam.

9. After the Sadhana let the Yantra and rosary stay on the same place. Do the Sadhana for 11 nights, After completion of Sadhana tie the Yantra and rosary in a black material and drop the bundle in a river or pond.

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