Mahakali sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

दो दिवसीय

महाकाली साधना शिविर

Sat+Sun (8th-9th. Dec 2018) at Vajreshwari. Near Mumbai

१२५००० मंत्र जप पुर्णाहुती

Pickup point- Hotel Hardik place, opp mira road railway station east. Mira road.

Shivir Location-

आज इस कलियुग मे हर ब्यक्ति को माता महाकाली की साधना करनी चाहिये... जो हर तरह की समस्याओ से घिरा हो, शत्रु परेशान कर रहे हो, आकर्षण शक्ति की कमी हो, सरकारी कामो मे अडचने आ रही हो, भयंकर वाद-्विवाद चल रहा हो, दुश्मनो की संख्या बढ रही हो, जमीन पर विवाद चल रहा हो, दुकान-्ब्यवसाय ठप्प पड गये हो,........ तो जरूर इस साधना को करना चाहिये. माता काली की कृपा से मनुष्य को संपूर्ण रूप से समृद्धि के साथ सुरक्षा भी मिलती है.


Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Siddha Kali Yantra, Siddha Kali mala, Siddha Kali parad gutika, Siddha Kali asan, Kali shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, haldi ganesh, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Kali Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 10000/-)

Call for booking- 91 8652439844

Learn Hypnosis

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

2 Days


Sat+Sun (24th-25th Nov. 2018) 9am to 6pm at Grand Hotel, Malad west- Mumbai

Hypnotise yourself and others

स्वयं तथा दूसरो को को हिप्नोटाईज करके अपनी व दूसरो की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्याओ को दूर करे...

Learn Hypnosis for yourself and others with psychology.

हिप्नोटिज्म सीखकर स्वयं तथा दूसरों की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्या पर उपचार करे! जैसे कि...

डर- हीन भावना - निराशा- कहना न मानना - बुरी आदत - बुरी संगत - पढाई का डर, परिक्षा का डर, पढकर भूल जाना - धूम्रपान - मद्यपान - वजन की समस्या - अत्यधिक खाने की आदत - अत्यधिक क्रोध - चार ब्यक्ति के सामने बात न कर पाना - तुतलाहट - बिस्तर पर पेशाब कर देना - डिप्रेशन - हिस्टीरिया तथा सैकडो प्रकार की मानसिक समस्या पर हिप्नोसिस द्वारा उपचार से लाभ ज्यादा मिलता है.

Marketing- Weight loss - Calm nerves- Quitting smoking- Depression - Pain - Bad habits - Weak memory- Negative thought and much more..

Hypnosis Seminar Booking

Fees 8000/- Including- Course materials with Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch, Tea.

Call for booking- 91 8652439844 (Asthma patients are not allowed for this course) (Separate batch for doctor)

Mon.-Sun. 11:00 – 21:00
91 8652439844

Atma Chetna Sadhana -Basis For Each Sadhana


Buy Atma Chetna Sadhana -Basis For Each Sadhana

Each Sadhana has a basic philosophy and with out understanding this primary concept, the probabilities of full success in Sadhana are minimal. Atma Chetna or "Inner Consciousness
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Atma Chetna Sadhana -Basis For Each Sadhana

Each Sadhana has a basic philosophy and with out understanding this primary concept, the probabilities of full success in Sadhana are minimal. Atma Chetna or "Inner Consciousness of Soul" is the basis for any Sadhana, and without this Atma Chetna, it isn't possible to generate inner power or 'Atmabal'. 'Atmabal' provides power and power throughout the Sadhana. Anyone who has determined to perform any Sadhana for upliftment in life, ought to certainly perform "Atma Chetna " Sadhana without fail. At a primary look, this Sadhana shouldn't be for any particular religious or material accomplishment, however is it possible to construct a house without erecting a basis first? And a home built without foundation could fall like a pack of cards anytime.

Every Sadhana touches Atma Chetna (Self Consciousness) of Sadhak in some way. If a Sadhak has already carried out this foundation Sadhana for Atma Chetna, then he'll imbibe and accumulate benefits of other Sadhanas faster. The power of any Sadhana (any deity, God, Goddess, Apsara, Yakshini etc.) will concentrate more powerfully on its fundamental level after interacting with Atma Chetna of Sadhak.

Any aspirant focused on utilizing this Sadhana as a foundation basis for quicker success in different Sadhanas & areas ought to place a consecrated and sanctified copper inscribed Atma Chetna Yantra in a copper or bhojpatra on a white material on Sunday morning. He ought to sit going through East and may chant eleven rosary rounds of following Mantra using a specifically consecrated and sanctified Atma Chetna rosary. Sadhak ought to wear white dhoti and sit on a white Asana. If possible light a ghee lamp, although it's not strictly necessary.

| Om Hreem Soham Hreem Om |

ॐ ह्रीं सोहं ह्रीं ॐ

This Atma Chetna Sadhana needs to be carried out in early morning between 5 am - 6 am if possible. This course of must be done regularly for 21 days. On the last day, place all Sadhana articles together with some dakshina (charity cash) in a temple. This isn't a miracle oriented Sadhana. However after performing this Sadhana, a Sadhak will himself really feel energetic & comfortable. He will really feel a rise in his interior strength. He'll be capable of sit continuously for 2-4 hours or more in any Sadhana without feeling any ache, discomfort or other problems. And this is also the main aim of this Sadhana.

Atma Chetana sadhana articles

Atmachetana yantra

Safalya Gutika

Atma Chetana mala


Atma Chetana sadhana methods

See puja/sadhana rules and regulation

See- about Diksha

See- success rules of sadhana

See- Mantra jaap rules

See- Protect yourself during sadhana/puja

Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingWhite
Puja-Sadhna DirectionEast
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Chaturdashi
Donation MuhurthMonday
Havan/AhutiAtma chetna sadhana samgri:- atmchetna yantra, atmchetna yantra mala, white cloth, holy threads, raksha sutra
Mantra Chanting11 mala 21 days mantra chanting
Puja/Sadhna21 Days
Puja time muhurthAfter 9pm
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthMonday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, Chandra Grahan, Surya Grahan
Yantra made onBhojpatra
Yantra Size inch2x2

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