Bagalamukhi Temple


Divyayogaashram is planning to construct Maa Pitambara Devi Temple (also known as Mata Bagalamukhi) at near Vajreshwari. However, this dream of Guruji won't become a reality without the help of our people. Thus, we strongly look forward to your support in this visionary project. You can make the donation through Bank Transfer, PayTM & UPI.

दिव्य योग आश्रम की तरफ से मुंबई के पास वज्रेश्वरी के निकट माता बगलामुखी जिसे हम माता पीताम्बरा के नाम से भी जानते है, इस मंदिर के निर्माण मे आपके सहयोग की आवश्यकता है. आप अपना सहयोग पेटीएम, बैंक ट्रांसफर, यूपीआई से कर सकते है






UPI- [email protected] . Paytm- 7710812329


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Puja Service store

  • Bandhan mukti ugra tara puja
    Ugra tara is the titled to the Mahavidya Mata Tara because of her fierce appearance, but she is very kind to her devotees. Bandhan mukti ugra tara puja is carried for worshiping...
    $151 ... $251
  • Anima siddhi puja
    Anima siddhi is one of the Ashta-siddhi (Spiritual ability or magical power). Anima Siddhi is considered as the ability to be smaller than the smallest subatomic energy particle...
    $159 ... $261
  • Uchchhishtha ganesha puja
    Uchchhishtha ganesha is the 8th form among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Sanskrit word 'Uchchhishtha' means leftover or remaining, Hence Uchchhishtha Ganesha puja is...
    $152 ... $254
  • Karani mata puja
    Karani mata is worshiped as the incarnation of Mata Durga, She is also considered as an official deity of royal families of Jodhpur and Bikaner. Karani Mata was originally title as...
    $152.50 ... $254.50
  • Dharmaraj puja
    Lord of Death, Yamaraj is also referred to as Dharmaraj or the Lord of Justice. It is Lord Yamaraj who decides the amount of pain, suffering, fear and sorrows that one...
    $150 ... $250
  • Aakash bhairav puja
    Aakash bhairav is considered as one of the form of Lord Bhairav. It is also believed that King Kirati visited the Kurukshetra during the war of Mahabharata...
    $159 ... $262
  • Baglamukhi kavach puja
    Mata Baglamukhi is the 8th Mahavidya among all Dasa Mahavidya, She is considered as Goddess of immense power and worshiped by devotees for attaining victory...
    $156 ... $259
  • Chitragupt puja
    Chitragupt is considered as Chief Justice of Yamaloka. It is believed that Lord Chitragupt is assigned with task of keeping records of all action and deeds of human beings...
    $161 ... $261
  • Ganesh sabar puja
    Ganesh sabar puja is believed to be a highly pious and sacred pujan for worshiping Lord Ganesha with sabar mantra. This puja benefits devotees in attaining divine...
    $151 ... $253
  • Sabar durga puja
    Maa Durga is the most powerful form of Adi-parashakti and also considered as one of the supreme goddess of Hindu religion. Maa Durga is worshiped as a Invincible Goddess...
    $159 ... $260
  • Shree sukta puja
    Shree sukta is considered as a very pious and sacred vedic hymn (shlokas) to praise Mata Shri Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity), It is believed that...
    $153 ... $256
  • Shiv gayatri puja
    Shiv gayatri puja is dedicated to Lord Shiva, He is one of principal deity of Hindu religion and also known as Mahadev (the Great God). It is believed that Shiv gayatri puja...
    $151 ... $251
  • Rati gayatri puja
    Rati Gayatri Puja is done for beauty, for attractiveness, for puberty and for healthy body
    $175 ... $340