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Bhairava may be traced to the dialog between Lord brahma and Load vishnu recounted within the Shiv...
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Shree Bhairav Diksha

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About Bhairav

Bhairava may be traced to the dialog between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu recounted within the Shiv Mahapuran the place Lord Vishnu requested Lord Brahma who's the supreme creator of the World. Arrogantly, Lord Brahma advised Lord Vishnu to puja him, he being the supreme creator. In the future Lord Brahma thought, "I've 5 heads, Lord Shiva additionally has 5 heads. I can do all the things that Lord Shiva does and subsequently I'm Lord Shiva" Lord Brahma had turn out to be just a little egoistic. Not solely had he turned egoistic, he began to forge the work of Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma began interfering in what Lord Shiva was speculated to do. Then Mahadeva (Shiva) threw a small nail from His finger, which unspecified the type of Kala Bhairava, and carelessly went to chop the pinnacle of Lord Brahma. The cranium of Lord Brahma is held within the fingers of Kala Bhairava; Lord Brahma Kapala within the arms of Kala Bhairava and Brahma’s ego was destroyed and he grew to become enlightened.

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