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Ardhanarishwer diksha for husband-wife


Buy Ardhanarishwer diksha for husband-wife

Ardhanarishvara means "the Lord (bhagawan) who's half woman." Ardhanarishvara can also be recognized...
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Ardhanarishwar Diksha

Beneficial for physical fitness, Strong relationship, nice partner

About Ardhanarishwar

Ardhanarishvara means "the Lord (bhagawan) who's half woman." Ardhanarishvara can also be recognized by different names like Ardhanaranari ("the half man-woman"), Ardhanarisha ("the Lord (bhagawan) who's half woman"), Ardhanarinateshvara ("the Lord (bhagawan) of Dance who's half-woman"), Parangada, Naranari ("man-woman"), Ammiappan (a Tamil title which means "Mom-Father"), and Ardhayuvatishvara (in Assam, "the Lord (bhagawan) whose half is a younger lady or woman"). The Gupta-period author Pushpadanta in his Mahimnastava refers to this kind as dehardhaghatana ("Thou and She artwork every the half of 1 physique"). Utpala, commenting on the Brihat Samhita, calls this type Ardha-gaurishvara ("the Lord (bhagawan) whose half is the truthful one"; the honest one - Gauri - is an attribute of Parvati). The Vishnudharmottara Purana merely calls this type Gaurishvara ("The Lord/husband of Gauri)

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