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Neem wood yoga stick


Buy Neem wood yoga stick

Yoga Danda, often known as Yoga staff is a special T - designed neem wood stick that is especially utilized...
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Neem wood yoga danda

Yoga Danda, often known as Yoga staff is a special T-designed neem wood stick that is especially utilized by yogis from precedent days for meditation/sadhana/mantra chanting purposes. This ancient meditation tool when supported below the armpits, regulate the breathing, therefore often used before Pranayama or meditation. It offers a suitable way to alter breath flow between nostrils and help gaining the most out of Pranayama methods, particularly persons requiring interchange nostril breathing, like Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. This neem wood danda is needed to make a balance between Ida nadi (mental power) and Pingala nadi (physical power), and ease the flow of Sushumna nadi (spiritual power).

Made inWood
Length 46 to 49cm