Bhairav sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

भैरव साधना शिविर

Bhairav Sadhna Shivir

(Sat+Sun) 2nd -3rd march 2019 at Vajreshwari near mumbai.

बिना भैरव उपासना के साधक कभी भी किसी भी देवी को प्रसन्न नही कर सकता, फिर चाहे वह महाविद्या हो, दुर्गा हो, कामाख्या हो, मनसा देवी हो, बिना भैरव के आशिर्वाद के ये माता कभी भी प्रसन्न नही होती!

भैरव के उपासक को यात्रा मे सफलता को अनेको लाभ मिलते है जैसे कि यात्रा मे सफलता, विदेश यात्रा, यात्रा सुरक्षा, तंत्र बाधा सुरक्षा, नजर सुरक्षा, धन की सुरक्षा, शत्रु सुरक्षा तथा सभी देवियो की कृपा प्राप्त होती है.

इसलिये इस भैरव साधना शिविर मे १२५००० से लेकर ५५०००० तन जप हवन का अनुष्ठान होगा. इसमे भाग लेना किसी सौभाग्य से कम नही है. इसलिये एक बार अवश्य जरूर इस शिविर मे भाग लेकर अनुभव जरूर प्राप्त करे!


Pickup point-(8am) Hotel Hardik place, opp mira road railway station east. Mira road.

Shivir Location-

Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Siddha bhairav Yantra, Siddha bhairav mala, Siddha bhairav parad gutika, Siddha bhairav asan, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, siddha kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Bhairav Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 10000/-)

Call for booking- 91 9702222903

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Tunganath is permanently connected to the source of the Panch Kedar temples (mandir) constructed by...
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Tungnath Yantra for Positiveness

This Tungnath Yantra charged by Lord Shiva Mantra.

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About Tungnath.

Tunganath is permanently connected to the source of the Panch Kedar temples (mandir) constructed by the Pandavas. The legend states that sagacious Vyas Rishi suggested the Pandavas that since they had been culpable of slaying their very own relations (Kauravas, their cousins) through the Mahabharata conflict or Kurukshetra conflict, their act might be pardoned solely by Lord Shiva. Consequently, the Pandavas went looking for Lord shiva who was avoiding them since he was satisfied of the guilt of Pandavas. With a purpose to avoid them, Lord shiva took the type of a bull and went into beating in an underground protected haven at Guptakashi, the place Pandavas chased him. However afterward Lord Shiva’s physique within the type of bull’s physique elements rematerialized at 5 completely different places that characterize the “Panch Kedar” the place Pandavas constructed temples (mandir) of Lord Shiva at every location, to worship and worship, in search of his pardon and blessings. Every one is recognized with part of his physique; Tungnath is recognized because the place the place the bahu (fingers) have been seen: bulge was observed at Kedarnath; head appeared at Rudranath; his navel and abdomen surfaced at Madhyamaheshwar; and his jata (hair or locks) at Kalpeshwar.

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