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Sri Ranganathaswamy was worshiped by Lord brahma. He offered to Indra king of Devas and he offered to Bhagawan...
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Shree Ranganathaswami Yantra

This Shri Ranganathaswami Yantra charged by Lord Bramha Mantra.

Beneficial for Shri Ranganathaswami Yantra - Physical fitness, Earn money, Shanti.

About Shri Ranganathaswami.

Sri Ranganathaswamy was worshiped by Lord brahma. He offered to Indra king of Devas and he offered to Bhagawan Suryan and Surya Vamsa Ikshavaku kings (ancestors of Rama) worshiped Sri Ranganathaswamy. On the time of Rama's Pattabhishekam (take Accountability as a king), Vibhishana provided the Ranga Vimana (a particular chariot-like transportation carried by Veda Murtis with Lord vishnu inside) from Rama as a contribution. Whereas transport it to Srilanka Vibhishana halted at Srirangam. Kaliyugaramaa in Grantha typescript of the thirteenth century That is imprinted above a standing composite picture of Gandabherunda, a human being physique surmounted by birds dealing with away from every other. Because the latter was the logo of the Hoysalas (additionally it is identified that the gopura of seven tales at Jambukesvaram was created by Somesvara), it could be assumed that the development of Kaliyugaraman gopura was began by Veera Narasimha (Somesvara). a Hoysala king, and accomplished by Jatavarman Veera Pandya, referred to as Kaliyugaraman. It might even be famous that the figures of a pair of fish flanking an ankusa are sculptured in aid on of the ceiling beams of this gopura. The identical Pandya symbols are discovered sculptured on the gopuram of the Jambukesvaram temple (mandir). It's attention-grabbing to notice that these gopuras, one within the Vaishnava mandir at Srirangam and the opposite within the Saiva mandir at Jambukesvara, owed their xistence to Hoysala-Pandya collaboration, although at totally different times. Work (on the left) are stored close to the Garuda mandapam.

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