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Shree beesa yantra

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Beesa Yantra is used principally by people who find themselves within the enterprise line of occupation...
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Shri Beesa Yantra for success

This Shree Beesa Yantra charged by Durga Mantra.

Beneficial for Shee Beesa Yantra - Success in business, Well wealth, Protect unwanted problems.

About Shree Beesa.

Beesa Yantra is used principally by people who find themselves within the enterprise line of occupation. Beesa Yantra is one which brings about achievement in enterprise and operate. It's one thing that governs the flow of wealth into a person's life. Apart from the inflow of wealth the Yantra is also helpful in destroying enemies, protection against unwanted problems, stopping bad dreams, gaining good health etc. The spiritual power of the Yantra is brought about by the goddess Durga (Maa Bhagwati) who is said to reside in the Yantra after it is properly invoked and worshiped. Beesa Yantra is believed to prevent poverty and bring wealth to a household. This Yantra just like any other needs to be invoked and worshiped in a certain manner so that it does all that it is supposed to do. There are certain rituals that need to be followed before the invoking of the Yantra. One needs to take a bath and keep a peaceful state of mind. Then one needs to find a quiet place where he/she cannot be disturbed. Once the altar is set up at this place one needs to light the incense or the prayer lamp and then offer fresh fruits, flowers etc in the altar. Place the Yantra on the altar along with the image of the deity associated with it. Sprinkle water collected from any tree onto the altar with the Beesa Yantra and also onto you. This is to purify your soul and devote yourself to god. One needs to close his/her eyes and then concentrate on the deity to bless him/her. When one feels that God is listening to his prayers he should ask him the object of his desire or the thing that he desires to be done. If all the sadhanas has been held according to the Adhayaya 4 sloka 17 of Durga Saptashati the wish will definitely be granted by the deity of the Yantra. Beesa Yantra is most used among businessmen as it is said to protect the wearer from outside influence and helps in attaining wealth. This Yantra is actually used for the fulfillment of wishes, removal of obstacles and protection. It has been observed that the people who have more devotion and faith towards the Beesa Yantra it is them who reap the most benefit.

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