Shantadurga yantra

Shree Shantadurga is avatar of Shree Jagdamba devi which had come to create peace [Shanti] between Shree...
Shantadurga yantra


Santdurga Yantra for Wealth

This Santdurga Yantra charged by Maa Jagdamba Mantra.

Beneficial for Santdurga Yantra - Strong health, Good wealth, Present of mind.

About Santdurga.

Shree Shantadurga is avatar of Shree Jagdamba devi which had come to create peace [Shanti] between Shree Lord vishnu and Shree Lord shiva, got here to be often known as Shree Shantadurga devi. Shantadurga also called Shanteri/Santeri is the type of the Mata Durga, generally worshipped in Goa, India. She can also be known as Saibini in Konkani as a mark of reverence. Legend tells of a celestial battle between Shiva and Vishnu and Shanta ("Peacemaker") acting as the mediator and solving the problem. The Goddess' temples in Goa were traditionally built over anthills. While most villages in Goa had a Shantadurga temple or at a least a shrine dedicated to Shanteri, a famous Shanta Durga mandir was current at Quellossim in Salsette. This was shattered by the Portuguese and Jesuit missionaries and the icon was shifted to Kavalem in Ponda throughout the Zuari waterway. The Mata is often depicted as investment a snake in every hand, every metaphors for demoniac tendencies that are saved in test by her. She additionally has fish on her crown, as she is the supporter Mata of fisherfolk. Shree Shantadurga is the kuldevta of many Konkani Saraswat Brahmins, Karhade Brahmins, Daivadnya Brahmins, Bhandaris and Marathas. Many Goan Catholic households additionally proceed to partake of pooja on this temple (mandir) on account of their family hyperlinks with the temple (mandir) and the Mata.

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