Pati vashikaran yantra

This Kameshwari Yantra charged by Kamdeva mantra.  This Yantra is perfect to attract Husband...

Pati vashikaran yantra


Pati Vashikaran Yantra

Beneficial for Pati Vashikaran Yantra - Handle Husband, .

About Pati Vashikaran.

Pati (Husband) vashikaran mantra is used to manage pati. you should utilize this mantra to regulate your husband strongly. after utilizing this mantra in your husband he'll work and do in accordance with you. use it when your pati isn't good. i'll given you mantra and prayog to siddh it and the way to use this pati vashikaran mantra. How To Siddh It: on the finish of navrata evening get any fabric of your husband and make a toy by utilizing it. in-entrance of this toy lighting incense. then present water and kheer for bhog on the toy. and bear in mind this mantra 600 time. the way to use: at morning preserve toy in protected place. then present that very same kheer and water to your husband for drinking. after eat that kheer your husband or pati will management in your hand. i used to be received this mantra and course of by a tantrik however i've not use it. i'm giving it for info suggest only.

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