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Khandoba yantra


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Malhari Mahatmya, a guide in Marathi, tells the legend of Martanda-Bhairava or Khandoba. It affirms that Lord Shiva...
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Khandoba Yantra for Protection of Family

This Khandoba Mantra charged by Kanakadhara Yantra.

Beneficial for Khandoba Yantra - Destroy all Problem, Save Family, Stay away Difficulties.

About Khandoba.

Malhari Mahatmya, a guide in Marathi, tells the legend of Martanda-Bhairava or Khandoba. It affirms that Lord Shiva got the Avatar of Khandoba to destroy demons Malla and Mani (in some accounts a large referred to as Manimalla). It affirms that shivlingas appeared at Prempuri, the place the place Khandoba killed the demons. Khandoba is a a lot-married bhagawan with wives from many communities, who function culMhalsa Avtartural hyperlinks to the communities. His first spouse Mhalsa is from the Lingavat service provider caste; his second spouse Banai is a Dhangar (shepherd caste); the third spouse Rambhai is from Terror caste; fourth spouse Phulai is a guardian and fifth caste Candai is a Muslim or described as a Telin (oil presser caste). The Malhari Mahatmya additionally provides an account of the 2 wives of Khandoba, Mhalsa and Banai. Mhalsa is supposed to be a mixed avatar of Mohini and Mata parvati. Mhalsa was born because the daughter of a wealthy service provider in Newase known as Timshet. On the dinine instructions of Khandoba in a nightmare to Timshet, she was married to Khandoba on Pausha Pournima(the complete moon day of Hindu calendar month of Paush) in Pali (Pembar). shivlingas appeared on this instance. An annual competition marking this occasion is widely known in Pali each Paush Pournima. Banai is supposed to the daughter of Indra, the king of the gods. Banai was discovered by Dhangar marshal, when she was deserted on gravel by an offended Indra. When Banai grew up, it was predicted that she would get her competition at Jejuri. There, she felt in love with Bhagawan Khandoba. Khandoba additionally felt in her love. Khandoba conventional a self-exile for twelve years by deliberately shedding a sport of chess (Saripat) to his spouse Mhalsa. He took disguise of shepherd and began serving Banai's father. Someday, Khandoba killed all of the sheep and goats of Banai' father and promised to make them living once more if he was married to Banai. The reluctant Banai was married to Khandoba, the shepherd in disguise at Naldurg. Khandoba revealed his actual kind to Banai on their method again to Jejuri. On attainment Jejuri, Khandoba was greeted by Mhalsa's fury and her sturdy complaint of his second wedding. To keep away from the quarrels of his wives, Khandoba gave the higher half of the hill to Mhalsa and the decrease half to Banai. The icon of Mhalsa is positioned with Khandoba in the principle shrine at prime of the hill at Jejuri. A separate shrine to Banai is located midway down the hill.

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