Kartivirya arjun yantra

This Kartavirya Arjuna yantra charged by Dattatreya mantra. This yantra is beneficial for confidence, positive thing, victory and prosperity...

Kartivirya arjun yantra


Kartivirya arjun Yantra

This Kartivirya arjun Mantra charged by Kartivirya arjun Yantra.

Beneficial for Kartivirya arjun Yantra - Power, Fulfillment of demand, faithfulness.

About Kartivirya arjun.

Kartivirya Arjuna was born with a thousand arms so he's additionally generally referred to as as Sahasra Arjuna. Arjuna was a form and nice king. He liked his folks and took excellent care of them. Due to the reparation of his father, he provided a golden chariot, which might move at his will and the ability to implement justice and root out evil. Kartivirya Arjuna had as soon as gone to wash within the Narmada waterway together with his wives. It was on the identical time that Ravana, the King of Lanka got here to the Narmada, within the Pushpaka Vimana with a few of his ministers. Ravana took tub within the waterway and settled down close to the shoreline of the waterway to hope to Lord Shiva In the meantime Kartivirya's spouse spoke jokingly to him, 'Your majesty! I do know you might be highly effective! However I want to take a look at your strength...' She mentioned teasingly at him. Kartivirya regarded smiling, 'How ought to I present you my power, my Queen? The spouse laughed, 'The waterway, Lord! Are you able to cease the river?' Arjuna regarded on the waterway after which at his wife. He smiled. 'Deal!' Arjuna sat in the midst of the waterway and raised his arms. The king regarded on the waterway with focus and held his breath. The water of the Narmada was flowing....The queen watched with amazement because the water considerably stopped flowing past the king....Behind the king, the waterway was simply popping out in sprinkles....The king concentrated some extra because the river fully stopped flowing past him.

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