Kanaka Durga yantra

Kanaka Durga the Mata of energy, resources and kindness and the presiding deity of Vijayawada, is swarmed by lakhs...
Kanaka Durga yantra


Kanaka Durga Yantra for Power

This Kanaka Durga Yantra charged by Durga Mata Mantra.

Beneficial for Kanaka Durga Yantra - Power, Strong Health, Good Mind.

About Kanaka Durga.

Kanaka Durga the Mata of energy, resources and kindness and the presiding deity of Vijayawada, is swarmed by lakhs of pilgrims for pooja throughout the "Navaratri" competition which is well known with Spiritual fervour, spectacle and celebration. The little however historical mandir of Kanaka Durga , a high the Indrakeeladri mount on the banks of the Sacred waterway Lord krishna in Vijayawada abounds with mythology of historic attention. Indrakeeladri is exclusive in that it has been the selected abode of Kanaka Durga and Her husband Malleswara as Swayambhu (the self-existent one). Right here Durga is one the suitable aspect of Malleswara as towards the custom of Goddesses captivating their place on the absent of their consorts. This exhibits that Shakthi is predominant on the Indrakeeladri. Legend has it that the demons acquired nice powers by pacific the Gods and started irritating the sages on the earth. Mata Parvathi unspecified numerous types to kill these demons. It was kausiki to kill Sumbhu and Nisambhu, Mahisasura Mardini to kill Mahishasura and Durga to kill Durgamasura. "Kanaka Durga as a result of she was glowing with golden hues, and prayed Her to remain on earth and bless them. Kanaka Durga requested Keeludu an passionate supporter to take the type of hill to allow Her keep on him. Therefore Keeladri grew to become the residence of Durga. She took the type of Mahisasura Mardini with eight arms holding totally different weapons, using on a lion and trampling Mahishasura on the mount of Indrakeeladri. Her husband Lord shiva took his place on an adjoining hillrock as Jyothirlinga. He was worshipped by Lord Brahma with jasmines (Mallelu) whereby he bought the identify of Malleswara Swamy. As celestial beings like Indra visited the place, the hill got here to be known as Indrakeeladri.

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