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Sarpashya yogini sadhana

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Sarpashya yogini is one of from 64 yogini. She has supernatural abilities also Sarpashya yogini​ represent one of tantra...
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Sarpashya yogini sadhna

Sarpashya yogini is one of from 64 yogini. She has supernatural abilities also Sarpashya yogini represent one of tantra from 64 tantras. Sarpashya yogini help devotees to get Good wealth, Prosperity, Protection from enemy, Good health, Cure from diseases, Perfection, Power and Mind peace.

Benefits of Sarpashya yogini sadhana

  • Positivity
  • Good health
  • Success
  • Cure from diseases
  • Protection
  • Perfection in work
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Immunity
  • Forever blessing from Sarpashya yogini

Sarpashya yogini sadhana muhurt

  • Day: Thursday, Akshay tritiya, Guru pushya nakshatra
  • Time: After 9p.m
  • Sadhana place: Worship place, Any peaceful room
  • Sadhana duration: 11 days, 21 days
  • Sadhana mantra: 11/21 mala daily
  • Directions: North

Sarpashya yogini sadhana samagri

  • Siddh Sarpashya yogini yantra
  • Sarpashya yogini mala
  • Siddh aasan
  • Sarpashya yogini shringar
  • Raksha sutra
  • 11 red chirmi beads
  • Siddh Sarpashya yogini gutika
  • Siddh Sarpashya yogini sadhana method

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