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Mata Chinnamasta is one Dasa Mahavidyas, also called as Chhinnamastika and Prachand Chandika. Uchchhisth Chinnamasta sadhana is beneficial for sadhak in worshiping...
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Uchchhisth Chhinamasta Sadhana (Tantra Protection)

Mata Chinnamasta is one of Dasa Mahavidyas, also called as Chhinnamastika and Prachand Chandika. Uchchhisth Chhinamasta Sadhana is performed by sadhak with having something in mouth such as Laung (Cloves), Elaichi (Cardamom) or anything else. This sadhana is beneficial for sadhak in worshiping Mata Chinnamasta and seeking blessing and protection from deity for happiness and peace in life.

Uchchhisth chinnamasta sadhana benefits:- 

  1. Eliminates black-magic
  2. Protects from any tantra or evil impacts
  3. Strong protection against all harms
  4. Family safety
  5. Removes all obstacles and problems in life
  6. Good health
  7. Peace in life
  8. Prosperity
  9. All round happiness
  10. And many more

Uchchhisth chinnamasta sadhana articles:-

  1. Siddha uchchhisth chinnamasta yantra
  2. Siddha uchchhisth chinnamasta mala
  3. Siddha uchchhisth chinnamasta parad gutika
  4. Mata Chinnamasta shrangar
  5. Raksha sutra
  6. Chirmi beads
  7. Siddh kaudi
  8. Tantrokt nariyal
  9. Uchchhisth chinnamasta mantra
  10. Uchchhisth chinnamasta sadhana methods

Uchchhisth chinnamasta sadhana muhurth:-

  1. Day- Any Tuesday, Saturday, Amavasya, Grahan, Ravi pushya nakshatra
  2. Duration- 11 days/21 days
  3. Rosary- 11/21 mala daily
  4. Sadhana place- Any peaceful room or worship place
  5. Direction- South


  1. Do not intake alcohol during sadhana periods
  2. Do not eat non-veg during sadhana periods

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