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Solution from Swapneshwari Sadhana


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Mind is the part which can join inner universe to the outer universe as a result of universe and thoughts each are infinite...
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Swapneshwari Sadhana

स्वप्नेश्वरी साधना से समस्या का समाधान

Mind is the part which can join inner universe to the outer universe as a result of universe and thoughts each are infinite. Base of the inner universe is mind itself as a result of inside our body though, thoughts is infinite. And thus inner universe too must be based mostly on the infinite like outer universe and thus thoughts is base of the same. A number of sorts of thoughts also been classified by our sages amongst which major are conscious, sub aware and unconscious. Here, one thing must be stored in thoughts that the speed or motion of the inner and outer universe are same and absolute. Thus whatever occurs in the outer universe does additionally happen in inner universe too. Sadhaka at all times remain in apply with any method to affix these both universes and control the nature. Thus, any incident of the universe may very well be seen and may also be modulate. However this journey is long and sadhak ought to have patience. But other than this, there are a number of small processes associated in tantra relation with this order. Dream is considered one of such process which is finished by mind. On the time of sleep, no matter scenes are seen or felt are goals triggered with activation of semi acutely aware thoughts with assist of Chetana (consciousness / sentient). Consciousness is the bridge which offers connectivity of inner and outer universe, being relation with consciousness; desires are also threads which contribute in this process. Thus, while protecting this point in mind our sages made their analysis in this regards and reached to the conclusion that each desires have their own significance and by not being just one other scene, these are indications for the people but many instances it's clear and plenty of instances it's in code. With the bottom of similar ideas many impartial branches associated to this came up like dream science, dream astrology, dream tantra. There are several sadhanas which comes under swapna tantra with which tasks are accomplished with medium of the dreams. On this tantra primary god is Swapneshwar and goddess is Swapneshwari. There are a lot of rituals associated to goddess Swapneshwari with which individual can have answers of their questions in dream. For human being, this is essential process because there are a number of such questions arises that are vital to be discovered the reply or else complete life turns into troubling. But in tantra there are such rituals with which this job might be accomplished. One among such and rare course of belongs to the goddess Swapneshwari. Compared to other course of, this course of is simple and acute.

This Swapneshwari
Sadhana (स्वप्नेश्वरी साधना) should be began after eleven within the night of any Monday.

Cloths and sitting mat should be white and colour and course must be north.

Sadhak should establish image or yantra of Swapneshwari wearing white cloths. If that is not accessible, one should meditate goddess wearing white cloths and rosaries, lovely and surrounded with gentle and divine aura having four hands. After meditation one should pray to reply the question. After that Sadhak ought to repeat his or her query within the thoughts 3 times clearly. On this sadhaa eleven rounds of the rosary ought to be performed daily for 11 days. This mantra chanting could possibly be carried out with Siddha white Hakik/Crystal or Siddha Rudraksha rosary which is charged by Swapneshwari mantra.

Om Swapneshwari Swapne Sarv Satyam Kathay Kathay Hreem Shreem Om Namah

ॐ स्वप्नेश्वरी स्वप्ने सर्व सत्यं कथय कथय ह्रीं श्रीं नमः

After mantra chanting sadhak ought to repeat question once more thrice in thoughts and sleep as quickly as possible. For positive, sadhak receives answer of the question and solution within the dream on last day or before that within the dream. If sadhaka wish, the day on which answer is achieve sadhak can cease this Swapneshwari Sadhana on same day. Sadhak should keep the rosary. In future this rosary could be used for repetition of this process.

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