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पित्रव श्रपित दोष निवारण पूजन शिविर


14 OCT. 2023 at Vajreshwari near Mumbai.

वर्ष मे एकबार आने वाली सर्व पित्री अमावस्या के मुहुर्थ पर मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी में विशेष पूजन शिविर का आयोजन किया जा रहा है जिन लोगो की कुंडली मे पित्र दोष, हो यानी अश्लेशा, मघा, रेवती, ज्येष्ठा, मूल तथा अश्विनी नक्षत्र हो उन्हे इस पित्र पूजन मे तो अवश्य भाग लेना चाहिये. इसके अलावा सगाई शादी व्याह मे अडचन, धन का नुकसान, बच्चो की समस्या, नजर तंत्र बाधा से परेशान हो तो इस पूजन मे भाग लेना अनिवार्य माना हया है. इसमे पित्र पूजा के साथ श्रापित दोष निवारण पूजा भी करवाई जाती है, जिससे आपके पूर्वजो के द्वारा जाने अंजाने किये गये बुरे कार्य व पाप कर्म नष्ट हो जाते है. इस पूजन से आर्थिक रुकावटे, संतान की अडचन, विवाह मे अडचन, नजर तंत्र बाधा का असर खत्म होने लगता है.

इस पूजन मे भाग लेने के दो तरीके है एक तो शिविर मे आकर साधना में भाग ले सकते है दूसरा आप ऑनलाइन भी भाग ले सकते हैं अगर आप भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो नीचे लिंक दिया है वहां पर फॉर्म भरकर आप इस शिविर मे शामिल हो सकते हैं


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Shri swami samarth sadhana


Buy Shri swami samarth sadhana

A while back I had written in regards to the Shri Swami Samarth sadhana and its energy and potency. On this sadhana you will get miraculous advantages to get gained..
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Swami Samarth sadhana

A while back I had written in regards to the Shri Swami Samarth sadhana and its energy and potency. On this sadhana you will get miraculous advantages to get gained with the chanting of this shree samarth Mantra. I need to on the outset signifies the place the chanter has to get totally immersed in the chanting with the Mantra; like in a long-time period meditation; for where’s how it's chanted!

Along with the great religious advantages; there are numerous materials and worldly advantages to get achieve by being immersed in the chanting. I've highlighted a number of of them here. Once again the Mantra - Shri Swami Samarth.

After siddhi (Mastry)

For fulfillment in court issues To ensures where the decision is in your side; for safety in legal settlements and security from falling into legal traps and pitfalls - 125000 chants in 90 days.

Money owed If you need loans if you need to clear the loans and debts already taken - 121,000 chants with the Mantra in 90 days.

Theft Whether the thief are going to be caught; the stolen objects recovered; who was the thief and while some did he commit the theft. - 11000 chants in a period of 11 days.

International Journey Whether there's have the benefit of international journey and emigration to overseas lands. Education and success in overseas countries. - 5001 chants with the Mantra in 7 day.

Mates and advantages from close ones 11 Malas or 1188 chants with the Mantra daily for 11 days.

For all these wishing to carry out good deeds and folks striving for Mental Peace chant 3 mala daily for 11 days.

For religious purposes and success in coming close to God 33 Malas 3 times every day and chanting the Gayatri Mantra 108 times within the morning.

For critical illnesses; issues and considerations of old age, issues of malefic astrological combinations, own home and lifelong income 108 chants on a regular basis forever.

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Shree Swami Samarth sadhana muhurt

  • Day- Holi, Diwali, Ravi/Guru pushya nakshatra or any Thursday.
  • Time- after 4pm
  • Direction- East
  • Mantra chanting- 7 rosary
  • Duration for siddhi - 11 days

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