Vidveshan sadhana samagri for enemy, Vidveshan retual for enemy, Vidveshan sadhana samagri for enemy
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Vidveshan sadhana samagri for enemy


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This vidweshan mantra you should utilize to obtain siddhi over vidweshan sadhna, for doing siddhi you want cactus...
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Vidweshan Sadhana samagri

This vidweshan mantra you should utilize to obtain siddhi over vidweshan sadhna, for doing siddhi you want cactus leaf, picture of rival and his name and snake bone mala (rosary) and black mat and mustard oil lamp.

Seat on black mat, face south facet, light a mustard oil lamp and present it to rival photograph and now present incense to photograph and keep his photograph over cactus leaf and get that leaf in your right hand and from left hand count mantras. recite this mantra.

Chanting:- 21 mala (Rosary) daily for 13 days.

Direction:- South

Sadhana Time:- After 11pm

Wearing Cloth:- Black colour

After 13th day perform 10% havan in mango wood.

After it in complete life that two particular person can not live completely satisfied and in easily anyone can't cure them, if they may get by a way so you've gotten siddhi over that mantra.


विद्वेषण मंत्रः- ॐ नंमो चांडालिनी महाचांडालिनी किट् किट् देवदत विद्वेशणम् कुरु कुरु स्वाहा हुं फट्।

Whenever you face enemy problems then Again perform with similar process you can do 1008 mantra for them and again they are going to begin going through problem in life. they can't get peace anyplace, all the time they are going to struggle like enemy and go away each other.

Sadhana samagri:- siddha Vidveshan mala, siddha Vidveshan yantra, siddha vidveshan gutika, siddha kaudi, siddha black chirmi beads, siddha gomati chakra,

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Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingBlack
Puja-Sadhna DirectionSouth
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Ashtami, Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, Amavasya
Puja time muhurthAfter 11pm
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthTuesday, Saturday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, Chandra Grahan, Surya Grahan