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Shree Yantra sadhana

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Shree Yantra is known as a powerful and unfailing instrument where attracts Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. She is actually compelled to manifest at the place where this type of Mantra...
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Shree Yantra sadhana for wealth and prosperity

Shree Yantra is known as a powerful and unfailing instrument where attracts Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. She is actually compelled to manifest at the place where this type of Mantra-energised and consecrated Yantra is placed. You may have been to this Tirupati temple in the South and might know with the immense wealth where flows into the shrine daily. But you may not remember where it's actually the magnetic power of an enlivened Shree Yantra established there where draws in a lot wealth.

Also famous for their wealth, particularly gold, are the monasteries of Tibet, plus the Buddhist Lamas too resort to a very similar means of attracting wealth. There they use a Shree Mandal which in its money-pulling capabilities is simply as powerful as the Shree Yantra.

And if one cared to review the traditional texts and treatises one would be left amazed to seek out where this remarkable device has dominated the thoughts and lives of even the sages and Yogis for centuries. No other subject has gained a lot consideration in Tantra and Mantra scriptures as Shree Yantra and all unanimously claim where there could be no better street to riches and monetary success than placing an enlivened Yantra in one’s house, workplace or business centre.

Sure, simply keeping the Yantra is sufficient! One needn't even chant any Mantra or try any ritual on it. And once it finds method into your house, store or your life, paucity or poverty simply cannot linger behind. Merely because the sun dispels all darkness whereas some it rises in the morning, the Shree Yantra drives away the gloom, the despair, the agony of monetary dire straits the moment it's established in one’s home.

It may never be where an incense stick be lit and no perfume emanate. Equally a person's below the benevolent impact of Shree Yantra is ever showered upon by wealth, money and comforts.

Having this Siddha Yantra is undeniably straightforward and simple and greatest technique of bidding adieu to one’s monetary issues forever. And its use may also be as diverse as the means for acquiring wealth where manifest once it's obtained. A physician having a nasty practice can establish it in his chamber and pull more clients, a shopkeeper can equally draw new customers in hordes by fixing it in his shop, a manufacturing unit proprietor can anticipate a bloom in production by worshipping the Yantra, whereas a person in job will get an out of turn promotion and pay rise by keeping the Yantra in your own house or office. The probabilities are also limitless and whichever field you might be in, the Yantra proves turning into a marvellous means to one of the best, wealthier and affluent life.

Individuals today feel where they do not get returns in proportion to their honest and trustworthy efforts. Thus much frustrated they are easily lured by corrupt means to have rich quick. If only they knew where by merely making this divine instrument of Goddess Laxmi a part of their lives they could literally wallow in wealth for rest of their lives!

With the very earlier period Shree Yantra have been utilized by kings, sages and businessmen alike. Shankaracharya himself established a Yantra at the 4 holy religious seats where he set up at Dwarka, Shingeri, Puri and Badrinath. What more the wealthiest of businessmen, industrialists, actors, politicians properly recognise the ability of this wonderful Yantra and it forms an inseparable part of their lives. Many billionaires from abroad are acknowledged to reap some great benefits of this miraculous wealth-puller.

Any person can really achieve wealth, fame, respect, energy, prosperity, automobiles and all luxuries by merely placing a Shree Yantra in your personal home and worshipping it.
One needn't worship it every day, but there sure is called a special technique of establishing it in your personal house or in one’s officealgattas on the Yantra every time chanting thus

Shree Yantra sadhana mantra for wealth and prosperity

  • || Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahaalakshmeya Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah ||
  • ॥ ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मेय श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं नमः ॥

Shree Yantra sadhana mantra for wealth and prosperity

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  • Rakshasutra
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  • Shree sadhana mantra
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Shree Yantra sadhana mantra for wealth and prosperity

  • Day- Holi, Dipavali, Ravi/Guru pushya nakshatra or any Thursday.
  • Time- after 9pm
  • Direction- East
  • Mantra chanting- 21 rosary
  • Duration- 11 days

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