Kinnari Sadhana for pleasures

Real Sadhak strives to achieve totality in each side of life. He not only does Sadhanas quite he also enjoys all of the pleasures life has to offer...

Kinnari Sadhana for pleasures


Priya Vallabha Kinnari Sadhana for pleasures

Real Sadhak strives to achieve totality in each side of life. He not only does Sadhanas quite he also enjoys all of the pleasures life has to offer. He is full of a determination to uncover all secret gifts of life and the braveness to maneuver ahead on each path that life opens up earlier than him - this is actual journey, this is true joy and this is life! Solely such Sadhaks can imbibe the whole essence of a Sadhana into their lives. Soundarya Sadhanas are playthings for them. Apsara, Yakshini & Kinnari Sadhanas have been created for such Sadhaks for they absolutely know the best way to enjoy pleasures and comforts of life.

At first I used to be a bit apprehensive concerning the Kinnari Sadhanas because of the irrational notions prevalent within the society in respect of Kinnaris. Nonetheless, as I used to be very curious and enthusiastic I decided to carry out the Sadhana. In my first few makes an attempt I needed to face failure. I contacted revered Gurudev on phone and requested him the rationale for the same. Gurudev asked me not to get dissatisfied and blessed me so that I might attain success within the next attempt.

But even after a lot assurance I felt a bit frustrated. After just a few days I used to be transferred on my job to Kanpur. There I turned so busy in adjusting to the new place that I completely forgot concerning the Kinnari Sadhana.

Just some days after I had been transferred to Kanpur, a younger South Indian girl of about 27-28 yrs. was appointed to a particular submit lying vacant for the past several months. Anupama like her title was indeed very beautiful. She had come to the city all alone to hitch the office and no one knew a lot about her.

She was particularly reasonable complexioned and her countenance always seemed to radiate youthful charm. She was tall, and her hair was lengthy, dark and dense. Her cheeks had a natural rosiness and her massive dark eyes have been terribly alluring. Her lips looked like petals of rose. Her entire physique was moulded into an hour glass figure and so enchanting was her physique that everyone within the office was mesmerised by her charms.

We had adjoining cabins and shortly we began spending hours talking to each other. Our hobbies and pursuits were nearly identical and therefore an in depth affinity developed between us. Then at some point abruptly both of us were transferred to Bombay. We rented flats within a distance of half a km. and infrequently visited each other’s flat.

Our workplace colleagues had been obviously very jealous of our shut intimacy and kept gossiping about us. Some of them even started planning of a technique to lure me in some official controversy. I got here to know of their conspiracy when it was already too late. The cooked records data on the idea of which I was being drawn into a snare had reached one among my seniors who too was in opposition to my closeness to Anupama. I grew to become very anxious and remained tense for one whole week. One evening Aunpama got here to my house and taking out some papers from her purse stated, "You had been troubled attributable to these papers, weren’t you?"

I was dumbstruck for I had not even talked about the matter to her. Subsequent day after I reached workplace the faces of my adversaries appeared overcast with gloom. Slowly the scenario returned to normal and after a few months I made a decision to have a everlasting residence in Bombay. For that I wanted a big amount in advance. Someday I decided to discuss the problem with Anupama. When I spoke to her she laughed and said, "Properly don’t you are concerned!" Inside per week she handed over the amount to me. Once I requested her, she said that she had borrowed from a relative. After that she came to my financial rescue several times. Every time I attempted to return the money to her she refused to take it.

She lived like a spouse with me and provided me all comforts and pleasures. We had been spending blissful, pleasurable days in one another’s company when sooner or later she all of a sudden said that she was returning to her native place because of some private reasons and would not be capable to meet me again. I asked her to offer me her deal with however she said that she would achieve this the subsequent day. Subsequent day when I reached her flat I noticed that it was locked. I turned depressed and sad. I tried quite a bit however couldn't discover her.

A lot depressed I met Gurudev and prayed to him to help me find Anupama. It was then that He revealed to me that because of the Kinnari Sadhana which I had achieved a year ago, the Kinnari, Priya Vallabha alias Anupama, had remained with me for one year! With Gurudev’s permission l am revealing the same Sadhana here.

This Sadhana ought to be accomplished in the night of any Friday in an isolated place. The Sadhak ought to wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat. He ought to light incense, and on a wooden plank covered with a yellow fabric set up the Varvarnnini Priyatma Yantra in a copper plate. Then the Sadhak ought to apply saffron on the Yantra, supply flower petals and sprinkle natural perfume. He should also mild a lamp filled with Ghee (clarified butter). On each side of the Yantra he ought to place a Siddhi Phal each. Then with a Kinnari Mala (a special rosary) he ought to chant 11 rounds of this Mantra -

Om Ae-leim Priyaa Priya Vallabhaa Kinnaryei Aagachh Aagachh Dhan Dhaanya Samriddhim Dehi Dehi Phat

ॐ ऐ लैं प्रिया प्रिय वल्लभ किन्नरये आगच्छ आगच्छ धन धान्य सम्रद्धीम् देहि देहि फट्

I too carried out this Sadhana again and within a month I acquired to satisfy Anupama once again. Even to this present day she remains with me each moment.

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