Bagalamukhi sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

दो दिवसीय

बगलामुखी साधना शिविर

Sat+Sun (27th-28th oct. 2018) at Vajreshwari. Near Mumbai

१२५००० मंत्र जप पुर्णाहुती

इन लोगो के लिये सबसे ज्यादा लाभदायक है जो इस क्षेत्र मे कार्य कर रहे है. जैसे कि

आज इस कलियुग मे हर ब्यक्ति को बगलामुखी साधना करनी चाहिये... जो हर तरह की समस्याओ से घिरा हो, शत्रु परेशान कर रहे हो, सरकारी कामो मे अडचने आ रही हो, भयंकर वाद-्विवाद चल रहा हो, छुपे दुश्मनो की संख्या बढ रही हो, कोर्ट की कारवाईयो से परेशान हो, दुकान-्ब्यवसाय ठप्प पड गये हो,........ तो जरूर इस साधना को करना चाहिये. माता बगलामुखी की कृपा से मनुष्य को संपूर्ण रूप से समृद्धि के साथ सुरक्षा भी मिलती है.


Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Baglamukhi Yantra, Baglamukhi mala, Panchanguli siddha parad gutika, Baglamukhi Panchanguli asan, Baglamukhi shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, haldi ganesh, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Baglamukhi Diksha by Guruji+ Living with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Call for booking- 91 8652439844

Mon.-Sun. 11:00 – 21:00
91 8652439844

Kamdev-Rati sadhana- Be Well, be stunning

Buy Kamdev-Rati sadhana- Be Well, be stunning

Magnificence and love type the essence of life and everybody in the world needs to experience these two treasures. These are two elements that make life value it and keep a person feeling youthful and energetic despite the fact that one might have crossed one’s prime of life...
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Kamdev-Rati sadhana- Be Well, be stunning

स्वास्थय और तेज के लिये कामदेव-रती साधना

Magnificence and love type the essence of life and everybody in the world needs to experience these two treasures. These are two elements that make life value it and keep a person feeling youthful and energetic despite the fact that one might have crossed one’s prime of life.

Most individuals mistake magnificence appears and loves for passion. One can not do a lot about transforming the way in which Nature has presented a person to the world. Even cosmetics do little to make one look a lot attractive. However there are certain and highly effective Mantras that could instill a wierd hypnotic magnetism in a single’s character that everyone might be drawn towards one like a bit of iron pulled by a magnet. These are Mantras that make magnificence spring from within and the transformation may very well be too refined too be noticed by the naked eye but no doubt the impact is simply amazing.

I have known revered Sadguru to have gifted this ritual and Mantra to many desperate people, and every of them benefited tremendously from it. One specific girl I keep in mind was so disillusioned by her seems and by the best way others ignored her that she even tried to commit suicide!

Luckily a disciple of Sadguru saved her and directed her to the holy toes of the Grasp who kindly gave her Kamdeva-Rati Diksha (कामदेव-रती दिक्षा) and initiated her into this divine Sadhana. The lady had handed by means of digital hell and she or he put in all she had into the Sadhana. And when she returned three months later to fulfil Sadguru and thank him even I couldn't recognize her.

High-quality, she had the same face and same complexion. But an out of the world divine radiance performed on her options and her eyes appeared to drag one in direction of her and strike a conversation. And the way she smiled! Sadguru was more than happy by the devoted manner during which she had performed the Sadhana. After which she broke the large news. Although she was not from a very wealthy household, recently a very rich business man had proposed to her on his own accord.

This very Sadhana is being revealed here with blessings of Revered Sadguru. It works wonders for not simply girls but also men. And even those who feel old and listless because of the onslaught of worries and tensions can vastly benefit from it. This Sadhana infuses one with the divine power of Kamdeva (the god of affection and sweetness) and Rati (his divine consort) and thus makes one feel youthful, lovely, confident and energetic. And when there's magnificence in one’s ideas, a sparkle in one’s eyes a song on one’s lips and the spirit of youth in a single’s heart can love be far behind?

This Kamdeva-Rati Sadhana should be tried on a Friday - the day signifying planet Venus the star of love and beauty.

At Evening after 10 p.m. have a shower and wear yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat going through North or East. Put on some natural fragrance in your clothes. Cover the picket seat with yellow cloth and, on it draw a Swastik with Vermillion. On it place an image of Sadguru. Worship Sadguru by offering vermillion, flowers and rice grains. Light a ghee lamp and incense. In a copper plate over a mound of rice grains place Ratikam Yantra.

Take a water in the correct palm and communicate thus - I (communicate your name) am performing this Kamdeva-Rati Sadhana for a infusion of divinity and sweetness in my life. Let the water stream to the floor. Make two marks with vermillion on the Yantra. Offer rice grains and vermillion on the Yantra. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra.
Thereafter chant fifty one rounds of this Mantra with Anang Rosary (अनंग माला).

Kamdeva-Rati Mantra:

“Om Kaam Ratyei Phatt”

ॐ काम रतये फट्ट

After the Kamdeva-Rati Sadhana chant one round of Guru Mantra. Put Yantra on worship place for twenty one days. Day by day chant the Mantra just one round within the morning after having bath. After twenty one day drop the Rosary and Yantra in a river or pond.

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