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Sadhana for Telepathy


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In Mahabharat period, Sanjay had completed Divya Drishti Sadhana by which he may visualize events occurring tons of of miles away...
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Sadhana for Telepathy

(Door shravan sadhana)

Do you want to attain the ability to talk to people sitting thousand of miles away from you, without the assistance of any scientific gear?

Do you wish you were capable of read the ideas of others?

Do you want you have been able to find out about events occurring 1000's of miles away with out having to change on a T.V. or radio?

In Mahabharat period, Sanjay had completed Divya Drishti Sadhana by which he may visualize events occurring tons of of miles away. Dhritrashtra, the daddy of Kauravs was keen to know about the goings-on in the battle and as he was blind he could solely hear in regards to the proceedings. Via the facility of his Sadhana, Sanjay was capable of see the battle of Mahabharat going on in Kurukshetra and narrate the occasions to Dhritrashtra, whereas he sat within the palace in Hastinapur (known as Delhi).

Door Shravan or Divya Shravan Sadhana is analogous, in it no phone or scientific gear is required and a person can convey his thoughts to his pal staying far-off from him and also can get hold of messages from him.

Just think about that you're sitting in Delhi and are talking to your wife who is in Bombay. You aren't talking on cellphone however are receiving the sounds through the powers of the Sadhana. Is not it wonderful? You would not have to resort to the help of any instrument or wait for the call to be linked and neither shall anyone have the ability to interrupt or overhear your conversation. Then you'll be able to contact anyone - even when you are removed from civilization the place there aren't any modern facilities like telephones or wireless.

Once you have achieved the Sadhana you can hear any conversation happening anywhere within the world. However with a purpose to converse with somebody it is vital that the other person too, is ideal on this Sadhana. If this happens, exchange of ideas can be kid's play.

This Sadhana isn't too difficult, however to perform it full faith and dedication are absolutely necessary. You've gotten but to attempt it once and if you happen to succeed then the world shall be earlier than you to discover and nothing shall remain a secret for you. You shall then be capable to hear something going on anyplace within the world.

This Sadhana can be started from any Sunday and it lasts for eleven days. One has to stay in Sadhana for about one hour daily.

four to 6 am is the best time for this ritual, for the atmosphere then is peaceful and there is no disturbance. It is straightforward to communicate telepathically during this period.

The Sadhak ought to stand up early within the morning and take a bath with recent water. He should wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mattress dealing with the North. He should then light a lamp with a cotton wick immersed in clarified butter (Ghee).

In the Sadhana three articles are required - picture of the Guru, Door Shravan Yantra and Door Shravan Mala.

The Yantra and the rosary ought to be consecrated & enlivened by means of special Mantras composed by Shankaracharya. These Mantras are used to kind a hyperlink of the rosary and the Yantra with the ether present everywhere.

The Sadhak should take a plate and draw a Swastik on it with crimson saffron. Then the Yantra should be positioned over the Swastik.

After this the Sadhak ought to place the image of the Guru subsequent to the Yantra. The image ought to be wiped clean and a mark of vermilion must be made on the Guru's forehead. Flowers and prayers should be provided to the Guru.

Then the Sadhak should chant the Mantra

| Om | ॐ three times. Next he ought to chant one round of the next Door Shravan Mantra -
| Om Bram Brahmaand Vei Bram Phat. |

ॐ ब्रं ब्रम्हांड वै ब्रं फट्

This Mantra is brief but very efficient and by its chanting the inside conscience of the Sadhak is awakened and thus the soul becomes free to move anywhere.

After the chanting of the Mantra is full the Sadhak ought to sit peacefully for ten minutes and try to establish a contact with Gurudev. To start with simply communicate out your emotions or any message which you want to ship to him.

In the course of the time period from 4am. to 6a.m. Gurudev in an invisible type reaches all his disciples and the Sadhak's want spoken at the moment is surely conveyed to him.

Repeat this entire observe usually for eleven days. Your inside conscience shall slowly become awakened. And the day you ask one thing of Gurudev and are able to receive a solution know that you've got grow to be good in telepathy. Then you'll be able to easily contact any person residing anywhere on the planet and read his or her thoughts. You may even know about remote occasions sitting at home.

Sadhana samagri..

Door shravan yantra

Door shravan mala

Door shravan gutika


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