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Sadhana for Kriya Yog


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Human body has remained a mystery since ages and the more one tries to unravel it the more it seems to thicken. ...
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Sadhana for Kriya Yog

Human body has remained a mystery since ages and the more one tries to unravel it the more it seems to thicken. Hence the conclusion that all Yogis and Saadhaks reached was that the human consciousness is two pronged - the inner consciousness and the outer consciousness. Where the position of the outer one is to maintain the day to day life and get influenced by all outer issues, the interior one at all times remains pure, unstained and helps develop divine traits in a person.

This inner consciousness is freed from all passions and it cannot be cajoled into temptations. Therefore Kriya Yog stresses on the effort to conjoin the outer consciousness with the inside in order that an individual may turn into a real human by sublimating all his passions and changing into divine. In reality this union of the outer and inner consciousness is known as Kriya Yog.

When this occurs an individual experiences a soothing light within himself, all his tensions fade away and he understands that the real bliss is just not with out however within!

Kriya Yog can principally be divided into three components:

Dhyan Sadhana
It brings the mind to relaxation however makes it extra conscious. It is rather like a means of wanting down on the backside of a pool by means of its perfectly nonetheless water. It's the finest device to wipe out all tensions, diseases, depressions and confusion.

Throughout Dhyan when an individual touches his inner consciousness he visualises a spot of light which enlarges gradually. First it's only a small bluish level which expands as the practice goes deeper. Then the person may even see all the seven colours in it and as he continues all the colours might blend into a vivid white light. This is an indication of the activation of the Third Eye. Now the individual might visualise his own or anyone’s past and future easily.

Daranna (Concentration)
This can be a state of establishing oneself in ones larger Self. Such an individual turns into a ‘Saakshi’, a witness to all events and Mayic influences don't affect him. This is additionally referred to as the Paramhans state.

Samadhi (समाधी)
It is a state of wiping out one's persona and fusing one’s consciousness with the Universal Consciousness (Brahm). Such an individual can journey to anywhere in the universe and can intervene in the midst of nature. He doesn't need to take birth again, but if he likes he may come down as an Avataar.

Kriya Yog is a process of reworking a Nar (man) into Narayan (God). But for it one has to go through intricate Yoga postures, Mudras, respiration processes regularly for years, and one should do it only below the steering of an adept Guru. But this is not quite possible in this fast moving age.

The second various for attaining success in Kriya Yog is Sadhana. All one has to do is to stare unblinkingly at a Yantra and chant a Mantra which will assist in buying a state of Dhyan. As a result a inconsiderate mind is born. Typically we hold nurturing 1000's of thoughts, linking them with the past and future. Consequently the delicate neurons come under immense strain and this will result in psychological breakdown.

On buying a inconsiderate mind an individual becomes one with the universe. He turns into Divine and attains tremendous capabilities like mentally ordering somebody thousands of miles away, travelling thousands of miles in a second, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy etc.
Beneath is given a special Sadhana for attaining success in Kriya Yog.

Sadhana Process
Perform the Sadhana on any Sunday. Take a shower early in the morning, put on contemporary white clothes and sit on a white cotton Aasan facing the north. Put a wood plank covered with a cloth before yourself and set up a Atma Chetana Yantra in a copper plate on it. Place the Kriya Siddhi Mala close by.

Light incense and ghee-lamp and perform Guru worship (in keeping with the strategy given in Deinik Sadhana Vidhi book ) Worship the Yantra. Then chant one rosary of Guru Mantra and eleven rosaries of the under given Mantra.

Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Kriya Siddhim Om

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं ऐं क्रिया सिद्धिं ॐ

This have to be achieved for 5 consecutive days. Sit in Padmaasan or Siddhaasan with a straight again and concentrate your gaze on the tip of your nose. Contemplate that a fountain of divine pleasure is spurting from your coronary heart and permeating each cell of your body. Proceed thus for ten minutes. Do that daily. After the completion of Sadhana, disperse the Yantra and rosary in a river.

It's better to do some Yogic exercises and cleansing processes like Neti and Vasti earlier than commencing the Sadhana. At all times keep on with a managed vegetarian diet through the Sadhana period.

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