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Vaidyanath Sadhana for health and vigour


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Without his will neither creation nor destruction is feasible, say the traditional texts. Destruction right here doesn't mean demise or end of the world..
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Vaidyanath Sadhana for health and vigour

Without his will neither creation nor destruction is feasible, say the traditional texts. Destruction right here doesn't mean demise or end of the world, reasonably it alludes to the tip of all factors which poison life and make it a burden. And it is only Shiva who can free mankind of illnesses, poverty, ache, affliction and problems. No wonder he is called Har -- one who can rob all one's banes.

True joy in life is feasible solely when man is totally healthy and is ready to make the optimum use of the opportunities manifested by life. Every time there is something missing on either entrance illness or despair is the result. And finally either can lead to the opposite, for while ailments afflict the body, despair inflicts psychological pain and torture.

And even medical research now gives evidence that mental anguish opens the floodgates of bodily impairments, and bodily affliction can nicely in turn create psychological imbalance. Hence perfect physical and mental health assumes top precedence for each particular person, more so in as we speak's world the place diseases and tensions cling thick within the air able to invade one's health and psychological peace at the first opportunity.

To combat these successfully one wants one thing extra than simply medical help, one wants a tremendous enhance in a single's Prannic Shakti in order that the worst pitfalls of life could possibly be overcome effortlessly, one needs to faucet into some divine source of joy which could keep one in the perfect of spirits even when ominous clouds of tensions and anxieties dangle about threateningly.

This divine source might be none other than Lord Shiva, for who else may make a Samshan (funeral ground) his residence and still remain overflowing with pleasure, energy and spirit. And it's this very uniqueness in his divine persona that has attracted millions of devotees over the ages to his worship and meditation. Throughout India and even overseas he has been worshiped in various of his forms -- Shivaling, Nataraj, Ardhnaarishwar and lots of other.

Our Rishis too had discovered this reality quite early on that true pleasure in life can come with excellent bodily well being and psychological peace they usually soon realised that Sadhana of the Yogiraj Shiva might assist one achieve this objective in no time. And after much experience these erudites declared that the Vaidyanath form of the Lord is most benign in relation to reaching riddance from sorrows, ailments and bodily afflictions.

Vaidyanath, as the title suggests, means Lord of Physicians and there may be no denying the truth that Lord Shiva's grace may even rebuff death. He is known as Mrityunjaya -- one who has conquered demise and his Sadhana can assist one attain longevity and perfect health.

Whereas the Mrityunjaya Sadhana can be very complicated and tough for an bizarre individual, the Vaidyanath Prayog in its simple and simple type hides equally useful results for a devout Sadhak. This amazingly simple yet efficacious Sadhana not simply helps free oneself of ailments moderately it fills the mind and soul with a feeling of divine pleasure and confidence which in flip opens up the trail to success in life for the Sadhak. For is it not a incontrovertible fact that best success comes to at least one who endeavors with spirit and verve.

On a Monday get up early in the morning. Have a bath and put on white robes. Sit on a white mat facing North, the route by which is Kailash, the abode of the Lord. Place a Shivaling earlier than yourself. Bathe it with water, milk, curd, ghee and honey chanting

Om Namah Shivaay

ॐ नमः शिवाय

Bathe again with water and wipe it dry with a clear cloth. Place it in a copper plate and chanting as above supply three leaves of Bel Patra. Chant one round of Guru Mantra. Subsequent place a Vaidyanath Yantra in a plate. Mild a ghee lamp. Take a black Hakeek rosary and place it over the Yantra. Subsequent chanting thus 5 times provide five Brahma Rudraksh on the Yantra.

| Om Poornna Eishwarya Dehi Dehi Shivaay Phat |

ॐ पूर्णा ऐश्वर्य देही देही शिवाय फट्

Whereas providing each Rudraksh ponder on the issue/illness which you need riddance from. Thereafter chant eleven rounds of this Mantra with the black Hakeek rosary.

| Om Paraamb Shivaay Namah |

ॐ नमः शिवाय नमः

Next light a holy fireplace and provide a combination of complete black peppers, rai and mustard oil one hundred and five occasions along with chanting of the above Mantra.

After that the same day leave the Yantra, rosary and ashes from the Yagna beneath a tree in a jungle or drop them in a river. Return residence and have a bath.

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