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Surya Sadhna for health


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One cannot think about a life with out the sun. It is from your movement of the sun that one can rely time...
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Surya Sadhna

Sadhna Of Solar

One cannot think about a life with out the sun. It is from your movement of the sun that one can rely time. All of the planets revolve around the solar and get their particular power from it. For all dwelling kinds also sun is a supply of nourishment, radiance, power and power. From your Sadhna of Solar one can achieve information, intelligence and power.

Even science accepts that the sun rays are able to stopping illnesses in the human. For incurable illnesses the Sadhna of solar is considered best.

In the precedent days the Rishis and Yogis used to pooja the sun and carry out its Sadhna for remaining illnesses free and healthy. And not just in Nepal and India, the solar have been worshipped in all of the nations and all of the civilizations like Roman, Greek and Egyptian.

The pooja of sun also frees certainly one of all evils and weaknesses. Human do are likely to err and therefore the human mind and physique stay prey to evil thoughts. Resulting from this cause it turns into troublesome to get the specified success in different Sadhanas. Therefore from your grace of revered Shadgurudev several extremely completed Sadhaks of the divine land of Siddhashram have devised a strong Solar Sadhna by means of which such success can be assured.

Surya Sadhna also helps eliminate illnesses and eye ailments. For the Sadhna one has to rise up before solar rise on a Sunday. Have a bath and wear contemporary clothes. Then provide water from copper tumbler to the rising sun.

For this whereas providing water to the rising sun a particular process is used. The copper tumbler is held close to the chest and water is poured going through the sun. The tumbler is held in the method in order that the reflection of the solar is seen in the pouring water.

Surya Sadhna vidhi

Sit going through east on a white mat and on a wood seat place the Surya Yantra over red flowers. Provide saffron, betel nut and red flowers on the Yantra.

Subsequent pray thus to the Lord Solar - (O Lord accept my prayers and my offerings of devotion).

Then put on a Surya Mannimala (a particular rosary) across the neck and chant the next Mantra for 30 minutes.

Surya Sadhna mantra

Om Hreem Hreem Suryaaya Namah

|| ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं सुर्याय नमः ॥

If the Sadhak performs this Sadhna every day then there's nothing like it. All needs and Sadhanas of a Sadhak who tries this ritual are fulfilled.

If tried with full devotion and focus weak spot, illnesses and laziness cannot stay in the body. The Sadhna of Solar is specifically good for curing issues related to eyes.

It is with the sun that one is in direct contact with nature. Amongst all astrological planets too the solar is worshipped first and foremost. Therefore everybody ought to certainly do this fantastic and highly effective Sadhna that is a very basis of a cheerful and wholesome life.

Surya Sadhna samagri

  • Siddha surya yantra
  • Siddha surya mani mala
  • Siddha surya gutika
  • Raksha sutra
  • holly threads
  • siddha asan
  • Surya Sadhna methods

Surya Sadhna muhurth

  • Day: Start from Sunday, Ravi pushya nakshatra, shukla saptami.
  • Direction: East
  • Time : After 5 to 7am between

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