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Sadhana for enlightened beauty


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Beauty- the word sends a thrill by the physique and the following moment a picture springs in one's thoughts - of a comely damsel..
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Sadhana for enlightened beauty

Beauty- the word sends a thrill by the physique and the following moment a picture springs in one's thoughts - of a comely damsel, a cherubic baby or a panoramic natural vista. But magnificence signifies a lot more than this. It isn't simply the outer appearance of a being, slightly it is the inner charm that simply captivates one's senses.

Nevertheless life immediately is so quick that no one appears to have the time to pause a number of moments and enjoy its magnificence that is expressed in so many diverse forms. In the mad race for incomes increasingly more, now we have lost the refined contact with Nature and the Soul. No marvel most of us right now go about our lives and not using a smile on the lips , a gleam of joy in the eyes or a look of hope on the face. Just as water stagnates when it's allowed to stand nonetheless, our lives have grow to be mirthless, dull and drab caught as we are in the quicksand of base feelings - greed, selfishness, jealousy and hatred.

Not that we not care about our seems and look, relatively the wide assortment of cosmetics available simply boggles the mind. Perfumed soaps, nerve tingling fragrances, and a wide range of lotions, creams, shampoos have made toiletry an elaborate affair, yet these modern-day means merely polish the outside, without in any method inducing the pure beauty to break to the surface.

Taking recourse to such artificial, plastic means is like papering over one's bodily blemishes. This may occasionally nicely make you seem extra presentable, yet the satisfaction it shall bring shall be no more real than the means you have used. Outwardly you may effectively seem confident, strikingly good-looking and on high of the world, but deep down you shall have a gnawing feeling of vacancy, unhappiness and utter despair.

True magnificence in accordance with the traditional texts boosts sagging spirits, fills the heart with joy, brings a sparkle within the eyes and make the countenance radiate with empyrean bliss. And if cosmetics fail to provide such magic, it without doubt means that the solution lies elsewhere. Actually one doesn't even have to go looking outdoors to discover the eternal fount of youth and beauty. Man's endeavours stay directed outside while the actual supply lies within-- in one's soul. Nothing, completely nothing can surpass the sweetness, the enchanting energy of the Soul; and without tapping into it one can never actually set into action the refined chemistry that may rework ugliness into handsomeness, tears into smiles, wrinkled pores and skin into unblemished, easy velvet, and even silver strands into jet-black lustrous hair.

Linking with the Soul means permitting a flood of inside pleasure, vitality, vigour and peace to clean away all traces of tension, worries, fears and anxieties. And it's then that the center appears like soaring into the sky, the thoughts is perfectly calmed and the physique too begins to replicate this inner exuberance by appearing extra handsome, lovely and radiant.

Ancient texts are full of instances wherein Rishis and Yogis, rendered weak and infirm by the onslaught of outdated age, regained misplaced youth and beauty by means of powerful rituals which labored like divine elixir. Many young however not properly-favoured Sadhaks and Sadhikas even gained mesmeric, magnetic personalities through such Sadhnas.

Among all rituals for gaining beauty, handsomeness and youthfulness, the Garima Prayog instructions greatest respect as its results are quick in manifesting and long lasting. In fact this Sadhana observe has long remained cloaked by secrecy, having been passed on from one generation to another very discreetly.

The Mantra of this ritual never fails to make an impression on one's thoughts and Soul. Its proper use in truth catalyses the blossoming of inner peace, divinity and joy which soon start to reflect even in a single's physique. By means of it a lady can purchase enchanting appears to be like while a man can come to own a strong, dynamic personality. Age is no bar for attempting out this Sadhana, for until one is alive it's higher and more fulfilling to remain brimming over with joy, exuberance and vitality.

Everybody in reality does attempt to look younger, stronger and handsome, however most rely on outer modes whose impact soon wears out, leaving one trying even more aged and drab. Nevertheless getting into into this Sadhana means tapping into the miraculous power of the Soul that can turn tables on all weaknesses, ailments and physical shortcomings.

The perfect day for attempting this ritual is the eleventh day of the lunar month (Ekadashi). Early morning (four to 6 am) or late night (after 9 pm) would be the appropriate time to try it. Have a bath and get into recent clothes. Sit on a white mat facing the East. Place a copper tumbler full of water before yourself. Immerse a Moti Shankh in it. On a copper plate draw a Swastik with vermilion. On it place a Shringatika. Light a Ghee lamp after which chant eleven rounds of the following Mantra with a Garima rosary.

| Om Hreem Garimaa Siddhi Soundarya Pradaaya Namah |

ॐ ह्रीं गरिमा सिद्धी सौंदर्य प्रदाय नमः

After this drink a number of the water, rub some in your body and pour the remainder in the roots of some holy tree (Peepal, Tulsi etc.). Next day drop Shringatikaa and the rosary in a river. For one entire month at night immerse the Moti Shankh in water in the identical copper vessel and the next morning drink a bit and bathe with remainder of it. Soon you shall be left astounded by the changes occurring in your looks.

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