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Rati Sabar sadhana for Getting Slim and Be Beautful


Buy Rati Sabar sadhana for Getting Slim and Be Beautful

This Rati Sabar sadhana is for ladies who wish to get slimmer and to be lovely in life. The sabar mantra...
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Rati Sabar sadhana

Rati Sabar sadhana is a very efficient and examined mantra.

Rati Sabar sadhana methods for Getting Slim and Be Beautful

Begin from any Friday.

In the morning take bath and don't comb the hair.

Take a bhojpatra and some turmeric, kumkum with you and write your name on the bhoojpatra.

Wear white garments or saree for this purpose.

Going through east, chant five rosary (mala) of this mantra.

Rati Sabar sadhana mantra for Getting Slim and Be Beautful

ॐ रति रति महारति कामदेव की दुहाई संसार की सुन्दरी भुवन मोहिनी अनंगप्रिया मेरे शरीर मे आवे अंग अंग सुधारे जो न सुधारे तो कामदेव की दुहाई

"Om Rati Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev kee duhaaee"

Do this sadhna for consecutive 21 days.

Take meal just one time.

Don't drink milk, rice and potatoes through the 21 days.

Throw the bhojpatra yantra in the river after the sadhna.

Rati Sabar sadhana samagri for Getting Slim and Be Beautful

Rati yantra, Rati mala, Rati gutika, Rati asan, siddha rakshasutra, siddha blank bhojpatra paper (4x4), holy threads and rati sadhana methods.

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Diksha muhurthFriday, Guru Pushya
Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaFemale above 18 years
Wear clothingRed, Orrange, Yellow
Puja-Sadhna DirectionWest
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Tryodashi
Mantra Chanting7 mala daily for 21 days
Puja/Sadhna21 Days
Puja time muhurthAfter 10pm
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthFriday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra
Yantra made onBhojpatra
Yantra Size inch2x2