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Anang Sadhana for Perfect Well being


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The idea of a happy married life is sweet sexual relations and that is solely attainable when both the companions are equally matched in magnificence and strength...
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Anang Sadhana for Perfect Well being

(Kamdeva Sadhana for health)

The idea of a happy married life is sweet sexual relations and that is solely attainable when both the companions are equally matched in magnificence and strength. And only the person who's capable of fully enjoying the great thing about a woman can prove to achieve success in other spheres of life. Consider me, real confidence may be gained by being strong and manly. Neither is attaining such virility just an imaginary achievement. Such vigour and energy can surely be attained with the help of Sadhana and among the numerous Sadhana relating to this aspect of life Anang Sadhana holds a definite position. By means of it a person cannot solely attain a dynamic character but can even regain one’s lost virility and youth.

If an individual resorts to the help of Sadhanas be does not must take any medical treatment or go to any doctor for attaining good health and a disease-free body. Sadhanas wouldn't have any limitations and even an uneducated individual can simply accomplish such practices and thus obtain a cheerful and wholesome married life.

Healthy sex is on no account vulgar and the moments of confluence of man and woman are probably the most pleasurable in life. This Sadhana helps an individual attain totality and completeness on this pleasure by bestowing him with a good, good-looking physique and instilling into him virility and manliness.

Anang is another name of Kamdeva, the God of love and sex, and when one is blessed with the sexual prowess and physical charms of Cupid, then how can there stay any deficiency in a single's love life.

This Sadhana does not contain any intricate steps or procedures. But it’s vital that the Sadhak needs to be decided and filled with a zeal while carrying out it. As a result of when he's doing Sadhana his excessive spirits shall assist in imbibing the vitality of the Mantra higher into his body and soul. This actually is the premise of total success in this Sadhana.

This ritual can be accomplished on any Friday. After 10 O’ clock within the evening, adorn your room and make it aromatic by lighting incense sticks and sprinkling Itra (fragrance). Put on recent clothes, apply some fragrance and if potential wear a garland of fresh roses. Place the Anang Yantra before yourself and supply flowers, vermilion, unbroken rice grains, saffron and Itra on it. Converse out the weak spot which you wish to be eliminated and pray for its complete annihilation. Then chant 11 rounds of the next Mantra with a Kamdeva Mala (a particular rosary). This rosary is specially enlivened with distinctive Mantras and on wearing it the fireplace of youth stays kindling in a person’s body.

Om Hloum Hloom Anangaay Phat

ॐ ह्लौं ह्लौं अनंगाये फट्

Four Laghu Nariyals are also positioned together with the Anang Yantra during the Sadhana. After accomplishment of the Sadhana, worship them by providing flower petals. Then tie the Nariyals in a yellow material and hold them in your bedroom. This practice should be repeated on 4 consecutive Fridays. After that depart the 4 Laghu Nariyals, Yantra and rosary below a Peepal (holy fig) tree.

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