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Martand Bhairav Sadhna


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Bhagawan Bhairav has obtained a particular place in discipline of Tantra. Lord Bhairav is a type of Shiva...
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Shri Martand Bhairav Sadhna

मार्तंड भैरव साधना

Bhagawan Bhairav has obtained a particular place in discipline of Tantra. Lord Bhairav is a type of Shiva. Due to this fact, he comprises all of the qualities of Shiva. Usually, on account of primacy of Tamas Bhaav, individuals turn out to be afraid of this type of lord and ignore him, however it's not like this. Sadhna of god and goddess having predominant Tama character may be accomplished by Dakshin Maarg too however due to their ignorance and sometimes out of selfishness, fraudulent individuals have ignored this fact and spread many misconceptions about Ugra God and Goddess. Each time we discuss Lord Bhairav then sadhak from very starting sees him with fear. Varied forms of ideas begins occupying our mind that his sadhna will be carried out only by way of Vaam Maarg and only by following the process of meat, wine and sex, worship of such a God/Goddess may be done. But this is only a false impression since sadhna of any god or goddess can be finished each by Vaam and Dakshin Maarg. It depends upon Siddh Guru that on which path he leads his disciple whereby he can attain success. This fact applies to Bhairav sadhna too; Lord Bhairav sadhna will be achieved by each Vaam and Dakshin Maarg. Deadly and dreadful type of Lord Bhairav is merely resulting from primacy of Tama Bhaav and that too is just not for sadhaks however for inner and outer enemies of sadhak. Lord Bhairav has got many forms. One of many forms amongst them is of Maartand Bhairav, whose sadhna is said to be very particular sadhna. This sadhna could be very intense and in very short time, it turns into attainable for sadhak to attain blessing of this form of Lord. Although complete sadhna process of Maartand Bhairav could be very extraordinary procedure which is Tamsik one. However because it has been stated above that sadhna of all forms of Lord Bhairav can be accomplished by Dakshin maarg and together with full sadhna procedures, there are current many small prayogs related to Dev in Tantra field. This Prayog introduced right here is prayog related to his basic mantra which prompts valour and courage inside sadhak .Together with it sadhak enemies gets paralysed and sadhak is secured in many respects. This prayog may seem very extraordinary however by doing this one-day prayog, sadhak attains many qualities of manhood. Inner concern of sadhak is destroyed and special qualities like braveness and valour starts coming inside him which is important part of authoritative lifetime of any person. From societal standpoint too, one of these prayog offers such qualities to sadhak which might completely transform life of sadhak and may provide him a new place in society by bettering qualities of sadhak.

This prayog could be carried out by sadhak on any eighth day of Krishn Paksha, amavasya, Tuesday or Saturday.

This prayog is finished only in night. It's higher whether it is carried out in any aware place or Bhairav temple. If it's not attainable, it may be executed in house too.
Sadhak ought to take bath, wear red costume and sit on red aasan going through north direction. Sadhak ought to establish yantra or idol of Lord Bhairav in front of him.

Sadhak ought to do Guru Pujan and after chanting Guru Mantra, sadhak ought to do Pujan of Bhairav Idol/Yantra. Sadhak ought to provide Udad Bade or Kheer as Bhog. If flowers are getting used, then red colour flowers needs to be used. Sadhak ought to ignite Guggal Dhoop and oil-lamp must be used.

After this, sadhak should chant fifty one rounds of below mantra by Martand Bhairav rosary.


॥ ॐ ह्रौं ट्रीं॥

After finishing mantra Jap, sadhak ought to pray to Lord Bhairav with full reverence. On this method, this one -day prayog is completed. If sadhak desires, sadhak can do that sadhana for 7 days, 21 days. Rosary shouldn't be immersed by sadhak. Sadhak can use rosary for this sadhna in future.

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Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingRed
Puja-Sadhna DirectionNorth
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Ashtami, Amavasya
DescriptionsMartand bhairav sadhana:- Martand bhairav yantra, Martand bhairav mala, Martand bhairav vigrah, siddha holly threads, Martand bhairav sadhana methods.
Mantra Chanting51 mala martand bhairav mantra daily chanting
Puja/Sadhna1 Day, 7 Days, 21 Days
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthTuesday, Saturday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra