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Kalratri sadhana for shatru stambhan


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In the present day time is such that particular person underneath affect of his selfishness becomes able to cause harm to anyone...
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Kalratri sadhana for shatru stambhan

In the present day time is such that particular person underneath affect of his selfishness becomes able to cause harm to anyone. It has been seen generally that close family members of family become enemy with a view to meet their egocentric ends.

Besides this, good associates also change into enemies when time comes and resort to dangerous actions in order to trigger hurt to particular person in number of ways. Typically attributable to disputes in field of business or because of some explicit resentment in work-discipline or when some particular person leads a dignified life following all conduct and adhere to principles then also some individual having inhuman tendencies develop into his enemies. It is a very critical situation. If seen from one point of view, it can be resolved in come what may however one point that must be paid consideration is that it is possible solely when one is aware of who <>the enemy is. However what might be performed if we have no idea who the enemy is. Unknown enemies have got the hatred feeling hidden inside them and as soon as they get the chance, they grow to be operational to destroy the life. In such circumstances it is natural for person to get anxious. In such moment of conflicts when individual even do not know who the enemy is, then it becomes vital for individual to take help of Sadhana. If we rely on Tantra for securing ourselves and our household then no one has ability to trigger harm to us. How a lot stronger could be the enemy however in entrance of goddess’s powers he is like a minute particle.

Among the many Shatru Stambhan sadhana of Tantra, Sabar sadhana are most important. These mantras appear very simple and procedures and Vidhaan of them are also very simple. Type of Bhagawati Kaalraatri is amazing, highly fearsome and dreadful, but it is not for sadhak slightly it's for sadhak’s enemies. For sadhak she is rather like her mother. On one hand she offers progress and pleasure in lifetime of sadhak together with motherly blessings and however, in her Durga kind she paralyses all known and unknown enemies of sadhak and makes all these persons detached who need to trigger harm to sadhak. There are a lot of sort of sadhana related to Bhagawati out of which most of them are very intense and Shamshaanik ( to be carried out in cremation ground) which are not simple to be carried out but sadhana introduced right here may be very simple which could be performed by any person. Sadhak can do that sadhana in one night and upon doing it, he positively attains the blessings of Bhagawati and is secured from his enemies. Besides it, he attains progress in all features of life.

Sadhak should do that sadhana (साधना) on seventh day of Krishna Paksha of any month. It needs to be carried out after 10 within the night.

Sadhak should take bath, wear red dress and sit on red aasan facing north direction.

Sadhak ought to establish picture of Bhagwati Kaalraatri on Baajot and should do Guru Poojan. Lord Ganapati Poojan, Bhairav Poojan and Poojan of Goddess Kaalraatri. After it, sadhak should read Kavach (Armour) Gutika and chant Guru Mantra. Sadhak should gentle oil lamp only. It ought to be made sure that lamp ought to keep on lighting until chanting is over. Sadhak should make such preparations in advance. If lamp extinguishes on the time of mantra chanting, Sadhana ends there. Sadhak can supply any fruit as Bhog but sour fruits shouldn't be used. After it, sadhak ought to chant 21 rounds of below sabar mantra. Chanting must be carried out by Moonga rosary.

om namo kaalaraatri shatrustambhini trishula dhaarini namah

ॐ नमो कालरात्री शत्रुस्तम्भनी त्रिशूलधारिणी नमः

After completion of Jap, sadhak ought to pray to Devi with reverence and pray for getting riddance from enemies and own security. Sadhak should offer food to any small girl on next day or provide clothes and acceptable Dakshina, Rosary shouldn't be immersed. It may be used in future for this sadhana (साधना) again.

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