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Kaal Jivha Bhairav Sadhna


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One in every of such process is Kaal Jivha sadhana which has been in vogue in much hidden form...
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Sadhna for Kaal Jivha Bhairav

As of our Vedic sages to trendy achieved sadhaks, all of them have offered particular information and divine blessings to take life to greater pedestal in order that particular person can turn into completely satisfied, affluent and attain full success in varied elements of life. In actual fact, each individual tries laborious in his life in order to achieve full happiness and pleasure in life. Lucky person attain success of their life on account of their laborious-work too however they're very few in number. It isn't obligatory that each particular person would have power which is required in achieving success. However human life is stuffed with amazing capabilities in itself like utterly enjoying all the things which are available to us or eliminating all the obstacles and shortcomings of life and whatever is critical to attain happiness in life, attaining that pleasures. When we are devoid of Shakti (energy), when we don't have obligatory functionality to achieve one thing then at that time we are able to do sadhna of Dev Shaktis and attain the Shakti and do away with scarcities of our life and this is the real form of Tantra sadhnas i.e. developing our infinite abilities and infinite powers and take us one step closer to completeness. For attaining happiness and luxurious in life and residing efficiently materialistic side of life, together with it attaining spiritual bliss in life and giving upward path to our life, our historical and modern sages have put ahead many procedures for sadhaks. Together with it, many procedures had been kept secretive as a consequence of numerous reasons. One in every of such process is Kaal Jivha sadhana which has been in vogue in much hidden form. Mainly this process belongs to left hand of tantra which was executed by sadhaks to perform Tamsik siddhis. From this single process, sadhak can do many kinds of Tantric karmas. But it's not easily attainable in in the present day’s period and following a very particular process for a very long time in today’s period shouldn't be possible for householder sadhaks from social point of view. Due to this fact, Gurudev has informed a hidden Raajsik process associated to this sadhna. By way of it, sadhak can attain answer to many issues of his life.

Mind of enemies of sadhaks get paralyzed. Could also be it's business or his work-field, this sadhna saves sadhak from being sufferer of any conspiracy and make a particular invisible armor around sadhak.

If sadhak is going through impediment in any specific work or particular individual is just not doing any work or troubling you or many times not permitting work to be completed in a single kind or the other , then this process gives the solution.

If there may be downside associated to Itar Yoni faced by sadhak then its answer is obtained by this procedure.

From this perspective, it is rather necessary process and in as we speak’s era, it is like a boon.

Sadhak ought to do that process on eighth day of Krishna Paksha of any month. If it's not potential, sadhak can do that process on any Sunday. It needs to be achieved after 10:00 P.M within the night.

Sadhak ought to take bath, wear crimson dress and sit on red aasan dealing with north direction.

Sadhak ought to spread red cloth on Baajot positioned in front of him and set up yantra of Bhagwati Kaali on it. If utterly energized Parad Kaali idol or Mahakaali Rakshatmak Chaitanya Yantra is established, then superior outcomes might be obtained.( Itar Yoni Mandal contains the fully energized Kal jivha Yantra. Sadhak can get attain Itar Yoni Mandal, set up it and do that process on that yantra.) Carry out Pujan of yantra/idol. If yantra or idol isn't possible, then this sadhana can be finished by establishing image of Mahakaali too.

Sadhak ought to do Pujan of Sadgurudev and yantra/idol. Whereas doing Pujan of yantra, sadhak ought to provide red color flowers and vermillion. Provide jaggary as Bhog.

After it, sadhak ought to chant Guru Mantra. Then sadhak ought to pray to Sadgurudev and Bhagwati Mahakaali for achievement in sadhna. After it sadhak ought to take outer shell of coconut (bowl formed shell which is obtained when dry coconut having water is broken) and use it as lamp. Fill oil inside it and ignite the lamp.

After it, sadhak should meditate on Bhagwati Mahakaali and chant the basic mantra. Sadhak can do chanting with help of Kal jivha Rosary. Sadhak has to chant 21 rounds of the below mantra.

Kaal jivha Bhairav sadhna mantra:-


॥ॐ क्लीं क्रीं काल जीव्हायै क्रीं क्लीं फट्॥

After completion of chanting, sadhak should offer mantra chanting to Bhagwati Mahakaali and pray for her blessings. Sadhak should not immerse the rosary. It can be used in any sadhna related to Mata Kaali. The coconut circular shell which has been used as lamp should be place in cremation ground or any uninhabited place. In this manner, this procedure is accomplished in on.

Kaal jivha Bhairav sadhna articles:-

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Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingRed
Puja-Sadhna DirectionSouth
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Ashtami
Havan/Ahuti10% kal jivha mantra havan
Mantra Chanting21 mala kaal jivha bhairav mantra chanting
Puja time muhurthAfter 10pm
Puja/Sadhana MuhurthSunday, Guru Pushya Nakshatra, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra
Yantra made onBhojpatra