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Aghor Shiv Sadhana for obstacles


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Nobody can presumably comprehend the great powers of lord Shiva (भगवान शिव). To be able to do so one has to utterly merge within the divine and pure form of the lord...
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Aghor Shiv Sadhana for obstacles

अघोर शिव साधना

Nobody can presumably comprehend the great powers of lord Shiva (भगवान शिव). To be able to do so one has to utterly merge within the divine and pure form of the lord. Each type of Lord is supremely blissful and benign for the Sadhak. However to benefit from His grace one has to enter into the world of Sadhanas.

Aghor (अघोर ) means the Science of Hatthyog by way of which the senses are bought under good control and the Kundalini Power is activated in order to have the divine glimpse of Lord Shiva. Via the Aghor form of Lord Shiva one can overcome even essentially the most adverse situation in life.

It's quite well-known amongst even essentially the most accomplished Sadhaks that it is very tough to acquire a Aghor Sadhana. One can get hold of knowledge of lots of of Sadhnas however to get data relating to this glorious type of Sadhana is sort of impossible. It is simpler to discover a needle in a haystack than come across an Aghor Sadhana in the world of Sadhnas.

This Aghor Shiv Sadhana relies on Tantra the pure science which is used to make the person progress spiritually. And as soon as this occurs then one can not simply help oneself but additionally others to beat their problems.

Generally no Guru is ready to give this Sadhana due to the super power instilled in it. So it is rather tough to acquire this particular ritual.

One other truth about this ritual is that it is rather simple, easy and fast acting. For this reason revered Sadguru very kindly revealed it for the good thing about the widespread man.

For the widespread man the ritual comes as a boon as a result of residing in this world one has to face so many issues and adversaries.

However after making an attempt this Aghor Shiv Sadhana via the blessing of Lord Shiva one is ready to banish all fear from life. This is an eleven day Sadhana that must be started on Monday of the dark fortnight of Lunar month.

Strive the Sadhana early morning between four and 6 am. Have a shower and wear fresh clothes red in color. Cover the wooden seat with a clear red cloth. In a copper plate, place a Mantra energized Aghor Shiva Yantra. Offer flowers, sandalwood paste and rice grains.

Light a ghee lamp. Near the Aghor Shiv Yantra place a Rudraksha and on it additionally offer flowers and sandalwood paste. Then chant the next verse praying to Lord Shiva for fulfilment and meditating on his divine form.

Dakshinnam Neel Jeemoot Prabham Sanhaar Kaarakam Vakrabhroo-Kutilam Ghoram Ghoraakhyam Tamarchayet

Subsequent, with a Rudraksha rosary (रुद्राक्ष माला) chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Yang Rang Lang Vang Aghoraay Ghortaraay Namah

ॐ यं रं लं वं अघोराय नमः

Do that each day for 11 days. Then wear the Rudraksha in a thread across the neck. Drop the Aghor Shiv Yantra and Rudraksha Rosary in a river or pond. Do the identical with the Rudraksha after One month.

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