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Aghor Vashikaran Sabar Sadhana


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This is really an important Aghor Sadhana for Vashikaran and might control opposite sex...
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Aghor Vashikaran Sabar Sadhana

(अघोर वशीकरण साबर साधना)

This is really an important Aghor Sadhana for Vashikaran and might control opposite sex.

This Sadhana must be performed on Monday night only after eleven pm. One should take bath and put on red cloths earlier than beginning it.

Take any metal or iron plate. Put on Aghor Gutika. Apply collyrium (kajal) throughout inside and write the next mantra ( the collarium ought to be cuted that manner)
“om aghorebhyo ghorebhyo namah”

ॐ अघोरभ्यो घोरेभ्यो नमः

On that place a chunk of cloth of the person on which the Vashikaran Sadhana is being done. If that isn't doable anyhow, place any contemporary material piece. On that cloth write a name of the particular person for whom Sadhana is being carried out. This name ought to be written with vermillion.

Place an image of lord Shiva infront of you and if accessible photograph of the person for which Sadhana is being done.

After that take black Hakik rosary which is Siddha by Aghor mantra. (हकीक माला) and with concentration 51 rosaries must be accomplished of the next mantra on the same night only.

Shive Vashye Hum Vashye Amuk Vashye Hum vashye Shive Vashye Vashyme Vashyme Vashyme Phat Guru Gorakhanath kI Aan.

शिवे वशये हुं वशये अमुक वशये हुं वशये शिवे वशये वशियमे वशियमे फट् गुरु गोरखनाथ की आन

Right here, in mantra, one ought to chant title of the individual to be vash, on the place of AMUK अमुक.

After completion of Sadhana one ought to pray to Rishi Mundakesh and lord Aghoreshwar for achievement in the Vashikaran Sadhana.

Throughout Sadhana, one could have exiting experiences but really not to fear for that. Those are indicators of success in the Sadhana.

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Puja/Sadhana MuhurthMonday, Amavasya, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra