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Hanuman Sadhana for safe Driving

Buy Hanuman Sadhana for safe Driving

This Hanuman sadhna for vehicle once you start your car or any vehicle, invoking with it your personal highly effective consciousness..
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Lord Hanuman Sadhana

This Hanuman sadhna for vehicle once you start your car or any vehicle, invoking with it your personal highly effective consciousness.

If you’ve ever been within the car with a Kundalini yogi, you may need been startled to listen to them chant a mantra earlier than turning the car on.

What is this sadhana and and why?

Kundalini yogis typically chant "OM NAMO BHAGAVATE ANJANEE PUTRAAY SVAAHAA" earlier than they put the keys within the ignition for protection. It’s a yogic "secret" stated to offer a buffer around the car for cover from an accident. It creates a security perimeter of about 9 feet across the car, which in the important moment of an accident might be very meaningful.

Chances are you'll use this mantra while you start your car, invoking with it your personal powerful consciousness, directing your mind and intention in direction of thoughts of safety. You may additionally use it another time you want a little enhance of safety, like when strolling down a road at night time or utilizing it along with your children who may be afraid of the dark.

Enjoying it when you drive provides additional safety and enjoying it in your house creates a lovely surroundings of safety.

Hanuman Sadhana mantra for safe Driving

  • ॐ नमो भगवते अंजनी पुत्राय स्वाहा

Hanuman Sadhana samagri for safe Driving

  • Siddha Durghatana nashak yantra
  • Siddha Hanuman mala
  • Siddha Hanumani sindur
  • Siddha asan
  • Holy threads
  • Rakshasutra
  • Hanuman Sadhana method for safe Driving
  • Hanuman raksha kavach

Hanuman Sadhana muhurt for safe Driving

  • Day- Tuesday, Hanuman jayanti, Ram navami, Ravi Pushya nakshatra, Depawali, Holi.
  • Time- After 8pm
  • Direction- south
  • Mantra Chanting- 11 mala daily
  • Sadhana duration- 7 days
  • Sadhana Place- Worship place or any peaceful place

(Anybody can perform this Hanuman Sadhana )

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