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Devki nandan sadhana

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It's well-known truth relating to Lord Shri Krishna (भगवान श्री कृष्णा) that there has never been anybody on this earth who had ..
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Devki nandan sadhana for child issue

It's well-known truth relating to Lord Shri Krishna (भगवान श्री कृष्णा) that there has never been anybody on this earth who had unparalleled character like him. He confronted a lot of difficulties in each field of life; he kept on preventing and never gave up. Relatively what occurred was that all those that came as impediment in front of him, with passage of time all of them bowed down in his lotus feet after they got here to learn about full persona of Krishna.

From Tantra (तंत्र) Viewpoint, Shri Krishna is most vital since blessings and style of Lord Shri Krishna will be obtained by sadhak by doing tantric sadhna of his diverse kinds and thereafter, sadhak secures victory in every side of life. There are numerous types of Lord Shri Krishna. Sadhna of his various varieties is completed in varied schools of tantra via varied padhatis. Nonetheless, it is very rare to seek out information about tantric sadhna of his ‘Devaki Nandan Form’

This is childhood type of Lord Shri Krishna. Varied kinds of advantages are attained by doing sadhna of this type of Lord out of which main ones are given below. Specialty about this sadhna is that it removes all the child-associated issues of parents; it might be associated to any aspect.

If any individual’s son or daughter stays constantly in poor health or endure from any disease or the opposite very incessantly, then doing this sadhna gives good well being to children.
If somebody’ kids shouldn't be on proper path and have come beneath affect of bad/anti-social company then in such circumstances this sadhna resolves one of these children-associated anxiety.
In lots of situations, kids are weak in examine due to numerous causes, they don't get desired results even after exhausting-work; in such case this sadhna gives appropriate results.

If baby has weak reminiscence energy or affected by psychological imbalance then if sadhak does this sadhna , there's improvement in memory power of his baby and little one turns into mentally stable.

In conditions the place little one is affected by irritable behavior, unsuitable nature/behavior, this sadhna ought to be accomplished in order that youngster will be made an ideal character from social level of view. Each guardian want to resolve such kind of problems. It's possible through the Devki Putra (देवकी पुत्र) kind of lord. By doing Tantra sadhna related to Shri Devki Putra, sadhak begins getting its related benefits. On this method, this is extremely useful sadhna in trendy era and it is simple too which may be accomplished by any person.

Sadhak can begin this sadhna from any auspicious day.
This sadhna could be executed at any time in day or night.
Sadhak ought to take bathtub and wear white dress.
After it, sadhak ought to sit on white aasan dealing with north or east direction.

To start with sadhak ought to carry out Guru Pujan (गुरु पूजन) and Ganesh Pujan (गणेश पूजन). After it, sadhak ought to establish energized Krishna Yantra in entrance of him. Sadhak also can use ‘Parad Gutika’.
Sadhak ought to initially do Guru Pujan.

After it, sadhak ought to do Pujan of established yantra or Parad Gutika.

After Nyaas, sadhak ought to chant below mantra. Sadhak ought to chant 21 rounds of this mantra. Sadhak ought to use crystal or white agate rosary for chanting mantra. If it's not possible, sadhak can use rudraksh rosary.

Devki nandan sadhana mantra:-


॥ॐ क्लीं देवकीपुत्राय हुं फट्॥

After completion of chanting, sadhak ought to pray to Lord Krishna and seek his blessings. Sadhak ought to continue this procedure for five days. Rosary can be utilized by sadhak in future in sadhnas associated to Krishna.

Devki nandan sadhana articles:-

Devki nandan yantra, Devki nandan mala, Devki nandan vigrah, Devki nandan yantra asan, Parad Gutika, siddha holly threads and Devki nandan sadhana methods.

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Who can perform/get sadhana/Puja/DikshaMale above 18 years, Female above 18 years
Wear clothingWhite
Puja-Sadhna DirectionNorth
Tithi MuhurthKrishna Paksha Ashtami, Shukl Paksha Ashtami
Havan/Ahuti10% devaki mantra havan
Mantra Chanting31 mala devaki nandan mantra chanting
Puja/Sadhna3 Days
Yantra made onBhojpatra